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Former municipal elections candidate gets fired in Mikashevichy

11:44, — Politics

Former municipal elections candidate gets fired in Mikashevichy

The chairman of the town executive committee personally sought for Vital Kalinouski to be fired.

The chairman of Luniniec district organization of Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada and former candidate in municipal elections wrote about the events on his Facebook page.

I worked for the last day today. I quit. Since December there has been pressure on me on the part of the director of the business that I worked for. In his turn, he was pressured by the authorities as represented by the chairman of the town executive committee Davydovich, who came a week before elections and spoke to my director on the matter that his worker was running for deputies.

The director came all pale and tried to persuade me to quit. I refused. He continued the pressure, explaining that he did not want to lose the business because of me. He said that the town executive committee chairman Davydovich promised to send inspections, unless he fired me. The director refused. He said: If you come to prosecutors office, I did not tell you that you made it up yourself! Vital Kalinouski says.

The director of the company demanded that the candidate wrote a quitting statement beforehand dated on 24 March.

I refused: Why would I set myself up? So you have the opportunity to show my statement to Davydovich and I get withdrawn from the elections? Look, the candidate is already preparing to quit after the elections! The thing is that I am not registered in Mikashevichy, but I work here, that is why according to the Electoral Code I have the right to run in any constituency in town for the local municipal council in Mikashevichy. I was tired of the constant pressure and I promised: Right after the elections, on 24 March, I will quit, - the former candidate writes.

Vital Kalinouski wrote the quitting statement on 24 March, as he promised.

But the director refused to fire him. Is not that weird, right? The elections were over. The results rigged, independent candidates did not become council members, they are no longer a threat to anyone and one may put forward their own requirements to a worker? The director said: Work for a month. By law you have to work for another month after submitting a statement, until I find a replacement. A month has passed. Today I got fired by the agreement of the parties. A new worker has not been found. Who will work for this kind of a salary apart from introverts like me? - Vital Kalinouski is asking.

We would remind that starting from 1996 no elections of referendums held in Belarus were recognized by democratic countries as free and fair because of falsifications and vote manipulations.


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