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Sentenced to 12 days arrest, Vinyarski goes on waterless hunger strike 3

18:11, — Politics

Sentenced to 12 days arrest, Vinyarski goes on waterless hunger strike

Maxim Vinyarski announced in the courtroom that he goes on a waterless hunger strike.

Basing upon false testimony of policemen, the court of Frunzenski district of Minsk has sentenced the coordinator of European Belarus civil campaign to 12 days of administrative arrest. This decision was issued by judge Liudmila Lapo. Protesting against illegal detention, right in the courtroom Maxim Vinyarski stated he started a waterless hunger strike.

As was told by human rights activists, the activist was down with tonsillitis, that day was the first one in the week when he went outdoors. An emergency was called in to him to the police department. Doctors said Maxim needs treatment in the conditions of a hospital, and cannot be set to prison like this. However policemen ignored demands of the doctors.

We remind that Maxim Vinyarski was detained near his house, not far from Korona hypermarket. Policemen stated he allegedly looked like a person who is on the wanted list. And in the police department a report was drawn up against him on charges related to Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code. Maxim was accused for insubordination to legal demands of policemen. He himself believes that his detention is related to the authorities desire to prevent his participation in the Chernobyl Way (Charnobylski Shliakh) march, a traditional rally of the opposition, planned for April 26.

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