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State Duma member demands that Lapis were forbidden in Russia  ? 33

8:00, — Culture

The parliament member got offended by the words about imperial imbeciles.

A member of the State Duma Roman Khudyakov (LDPR) sent an appeal to Russias Prosecutor General Yuriy Chayka asking to check the statements by the lead singer of the Belarusian band Lapis Trubetskoy at the concert, which, according to him, took place in Izhevsk. The parliament member did not like Siarhiej Mikhaloks words Glory to Ukraine! and a statement on imperial imbeciles, Izvestia reports.

According to the PM, this band should be banned from making appearances on stage in Russia. Careful, explicit content

We <> are asking to punish him by the laws full rigor. This is fault language in a public place in the least. The prosecutors office should find out his citizenship, maybe he will become a persona non-grata in Russia, - the newspaper quotes the words from the deputys appeal to the Prosecutor Generals office.

The parliament member points out that the bands leader Siarhiej Mikhalok is a citizen of Belarus, and in Moscow he is allegedly hiding from a prosecutors investigation that Belarus Prosecutor Generals office is carrying out in his regard. In Khudyakovs appeal it is also emphasized that the singer repeatedly stated his support to the Maidan.

According to the newspaper, the bands press attaché Aliaksandr Berhier claimed after the concert that he did not see the grounds for taking Mikhaloks statements for insults. On behalf of the Lapis Trubetskoy band I want to apologize to imbeciles as well as the relatives and close ones of the people, who live with this serious illness. We did not want to offend them, - the newspaper quotes him.

However, the bands producer Jauhien Kalmykou in a conversation with the newspaper disproved the information that the incident took place in Russia. We cannot understand what is happening, because it was not in Izhevsk. This is not from Izhevsk. This is from Germany, where fascists did Nazi salutes and showed inappropriate gestures, - he said.

In mid-March it came out that Mikhalok announced the dismissal of the band Lapis Trubetskoy on 1 September. Earlier communists in Pskov region urged to cancel the concert in Pskov because during the performances in the Euromaidan Mikhalok supported the coup in Ukraine. In the end the concert got cancelled. Another bands concert was cancelled in March in Tyumen.

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