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Ivonka Survilla: Lukashenka to hold referendum on becoming part of Russia

14:12, — Politics

Ivonka Survilla: Lukashenka to hold referendum on becoming part of Russia

The chairwoman of the Belarusian Democratic Republic Government in Exile (the BDR Council) has addressed the Belarusians.

Ivonka Survilla calls not to allow the occupation of Belarus by Russia. She wrote it on the account of the Council of the Belarusian Democratic Republic on Facebook.

I again appeal with a letter to you. Like before, I do it because Belarus can face great grief, but I am not sure you, being under attack of deceitful propaganda, realise the depth of the danger.

The person, whom you elected to the highest post twenty years ago and who promised you the moon, forgot his people long ago. He, his family and cronies have benefits, but the deceived people only have troubles. Having become a hostage of the Kremlin aggressor, who has began to rebuild the lost empire, the new evil empire, he is ready to sell the best Belarus has, Ivonka Survilla says.

The head of the BDR's Council turns attention to the blatantly aggressive behaviour of former KGB colonel Vladimir Putin not only in Russia, but also in Belarus, where Russian military bases are being set up and strengthened allegedly for defence against enemies.

The recent events in Ukraine show that Russia hasn't changed. It's not the 'elder brother', with whom the Belarusians got used to live side by side for decades, but an aggressor, against whom our ancestors had been struggling in the 19th century, who deprived us of dignity, our native language, cultural and moral values and even national consciousness. It is the 'Moskal', of whom Kastus Kalinouski warned us.

If the grim forecasts of political analysts are true, Russia will begin with the notorious 'protection of Russian-speaking people'. After that, it will use its hostage Lukashenka to carry out another falsified 'referendum', according to which, 125% of the population of Belarus will vote for becoming a part of the Russian Federation. This will be the end. The independence, for which the best sons and daughters of Belarus had been struggling for two centuries, will be lost again. This time, it seems to be forever, because Russia is good at brainwashing, while we only struggle with one another, like other enslaved nations, she wrote.

Ivonka Survilla emphasised the need of national solidarity and belief in victory to be able to resist another occupation.

Dear fellow citizens! If you consider yourself to be the Belarusians, not just the 'local', if you want to live in a happy and prosperous country, let's forget everything that divides us wherever we live, at home or abroad. Let's be ready to resist the invaders, who want to make Belarus a colony of their empire for the sake of their 'national interests', but not ours. The only common national interest of the Belarusians is to strengthen the country's independence.

We will achieve other things in due course, because we are a clever, smart and hard-working nation. Time will come to decide how we want to see our free independent country and to begin working to achieve our goals, the head of the BDR's Council writes.

Ivonka Survilla noted the Belarusians should not be indifferent and wait, doing nothing, for a new aggression from the neighbour.

We have said to the world that we rule our country, and it cannot be otherwise. Let's achieve our right to live quietly at home, without any threats from the neighbours. Let's demand together that Moscow should remove its military bases and troops from neutral Belarus. Belarus should also quit the so called CIS collective security system, which is controlled by the Russian General Staff. We won't allow our youth to be involved in someone else's war. The world will hear and help us, because it's just seen the real face of Putin's Russia, she said.

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