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Details about killing of army officer in Crimea: Occupants threw grenades at people 9

8:52, — Europa

Details about killing of army officer in Crimea: Occupants threw grenades at people

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine refutes another portion of lies spread by Russian diplomats.

Kyiv says the information spread by the Russian side that major of the Ukrainian Army Stanislav Karachevsky, who had been killed in the village of Novofedorovka in Crimea, had been drunken is false, Segodnya reports.

All statements by the Russian occupants that a Ukrainian officer, major Stanislav Karachevsky, who was shot dead by a Russian servicemen, was drunken are cynical and blatant lies. These statements are made by the Russian side to defend the killer. In this connection, we have all grounds to suppose the so called 'investigation' will be biased from the very beginning, the Ministry of Defence says.

According to the Ukrainian side, Karachevsky was unarmed. Moreover, all weapons of Ukrainian soldiers was sealed and placed in armories since the beginning of the Russian invasion. The Ministry of Defence revealed new details of the incident:

Stanislav Karachevsky and two his friends were returning home. They passed by the checkpoint of their military base, where Russian soldiers serve now. The Russians called for reenforcement after a short conversation. A Russian sergeant escalated the conflict. Ukrainian officers tried to hide in the dormitory. The Russians threw stun grenades on five floors of the building as they were chasing the Ukrainian officers. Captain Yermolenko hid in a room. A killer, a young Russian sergeant, killed major Karachevsky with an assault rifle, the Ministry of Defence informs.

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