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Russian flags handed out to Viciebsk residents in large numbers photos 105

9:46, — Society

The people, distributing the symbols of the neighboring state, pretend to be deaf-mute.

In the evening on 6 April a group of unidentified people distributed Russian state flags among local automobile drivers in the Station Square in Viciebsk. A person with a backpack was offering the symbolics of the neighboring state to the drivers, who would stop on the red light near the tram stop in Cosmonauts Street. Some drivers, for example an ambulance driver, wanted to get a flag and invited the volunteer to approach them by waving. A reporter for Viciebsk Peoples News also noted several taxi cabs with Russian flags inside in the Station Square.

The unknown distributor, having noticed that he was being filmed, decided to find out why attention turned unto him. To the direct question of why he was handing out the symbolics of the neighboring country to Belarusian drivers the two-meter-high guy showed in signs he did not understand the question since he was deaf-mute. In the end the stranger pointed to the middle of his forehead with a finger. It remained unknown what he wanted to tell by that.

After that the volunteer winded up the remaining flags and left in the direction of the railway station, where comrades were waiting for him. Having exchanged active gesturing and said goodbye, one of the comrades went in the direction of Kirov Street. Two others with backpacks went to the railway station. Local taxi drivers were involved in their conversation. There was a road police on patrol in thirty meters from them.

This is not the first time as similar events take place in Viciebsk. A human rights activist made and posted on his Facebook the pictures of two events in March, when Russian flags were handed out to drivers in Viciebsk. One of the events took place near the Victory Square in March. A girl, who has distributing the flags to the car drivers, also acted as if she did not understand or hear her interlocutors.

Events with the distribution of symbolics of the Russian Federation took place in other cities in the East of Belarus as well.

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