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Special-op in Kharkiv: commandoes open fire at police photos 49

11:09, — Europa

During the repeated attempt to storm the building of the administration policemen were wounded.

Ukraines Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov reported of the details of the special operation on liberating Kharkiv region administration building of separatists.

The administration building that had been protected from separatists attacks for the whole previous day was set on fire from the hall. National Guard soldiers got attacked with flash grenades. Police divisions, who were on guard weaponless, got fired at with traumatic weapons, - he posted on Facebook.

Police departments were ordered to first of all put off the fire and guard the firemen crews that arrived.

Having used the fact that National Guard soldiers were concentrated on the fire in the buildings left wing, the separatists broke windows is the opposite wing of the building and got inside. There were about 200 of them, - Avakov pointed out.

By 2 a.m. the fire was put off. Three law enforcement officers got wounded, one of them - severely. The building was seized by the separatists.

About 6.30 in the morning police special units carried out a special-op and vacated the building of the invaders.

Without a single shot, grenades or other special means. There are 70 people detained. Weapons were confiscated. Among others detained was the leader of the separatist group UEB (Ukrainian Eastern Block) Loginov. The administration building has been put under armed guard, - Avakov remarked.

The operation was carried out by a special-ops unit, redeployed to Kharkiv as a part of the whole MIA group that started to be relocated with the purpose to fend off the separatist riot.

On the outcomes of these two days of the standoff in Kharkiv I will make conclusions as to the cadre personnel of the regions police divisions. Much of what I saw looked rather like sabotage than service. All, to whom this concerns, will leave from heads of units to the private ranks, which is no less important. Police should change in Kharkiv drastically. I trust lieutenant colonel, whom I appointed a month ago. I will simply be helping him more closely the situation is not easy. I will separately single out certain riot policemen and a significant number of patriotic policemen, who have perfectly performed for the country on these three difficult days in Kharkiv! the minister added.

We would remind that starting on Sunday provocations have been taking place in three Ukraines region of Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkiv. The organizers of the provocations are the tourists that came from Russia, local criminals and supporters of Viktor Yanukovych, who had fled the country.

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