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BelToll refunded 400,000 Euro to car owners 8

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BelToll refunded 400,000 Euro to car owners

The money was refunded on a voluntary basis.

As the deputy head of the Transport inspection Alyaksei Kutsaeu is convinced, the majority of conflicts are solved in working order, so to say. As said by him, only the cases of the most stubborn persons, who do not want to accept the norms of the law, come to trial. And 8 cases are a drop in the ocean of the grievances which had been considered by a special commission created to supervise the electronic system of payments for toll roads, BelToll, Respublika writes.

Citizens are not administratively responsible for violation of payment rules. There are no fines, but much higher-rated payments are collected. It is more economically sound to drive along the entire road M1 from Russia to Brest like a law abiding citizen, than to cheat by driving a few kilometers without payment. If a debtor had not settled the debt on time, the payment can grow considerably. Should the violators be punished so strictly by money? There have been differing opinions. But finally the model has become fair, the state newspaper believes. We have one of the lowest costs for driving roads in Europe. But punishments are strict.

In March about 8,300 facts of unsanctioned use of toll roads have been registered. The total sum of increased payment over the 8 months of BelToll system work is 9.5 Euro. The claims commission has studied about 50,000 claims of car owners. More than 2,000 have been found legitimate. Financial sanctions were reversed and money refunded. About 400,000 Euro have been refunded to citizens and organisations.

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