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Drilling technician fired for appealing to Lukashenka 17

12:10, — Politics

Drilling technician fired for appealing to Lukashenka

A worker of Svietlahorsk Department for Drilling Operations did not have his contract prolonged for an attempt to seek justice.

The web-site learnt about that from a reader Aliaksandr Kanavalau.

I live in Mazyr, but I worked as an operator of a drilling rig at Svietlahorsk Department for Drilling Operations (SDDO). Each time I went to work to Svietlahorsk. At first everything was fine, but later for no obvious reasons we had our bonuses cut. I then asked the management to explain why that was. No one explained me anything, threats started coming my way, and then the management claimed that my contract was soon expiring, which would not be prolonged, - he said.

The man pointed out that he appealed to the labour inspection, Ministry of Social Protection and other institutions.

There are about 50 appeals altogether, but officials would simply ignore them and no respond. Then I sent and brought in person to Lukashenkas administration the evidence of violations of the laws at SDDO as well as materials showing the lawfulness done by the management and superior organizations: Belarusneft, Belneftekhim, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Social Protection and the Council of Ministers. Despite all that Lukashenka refused to issue permission for an inspection on the grounds of the evidence, - Aliaksandr emphasized.

The reader added that after the SDDOs management had not prolonged his contract, he remained jobless.

I had been working for six years before that, and there had been no violations on my part. But due to the inaction of officials and Lukashenka, I have been unemployed for one and a half years already. Literally a week ago I had to get registered with a job center, but they immediately told me there that they almost never have vacancies for my profession. The amount of the unemployment subsidy is 150 thousand roubles a month. This is how Lukashenka cares about the unemployed, - the drilling technician is indignant.

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