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Konstantin Borovoy: Russia and Belarus to start war with Ukraine by May 25  ? 124

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Konstantin Borovoy: Russia and Belarus to start war with Ukraine by May 25

Lukashenka and Putin will call the invasion a peacekeeping operation.

The opinion was expressed by Konstantin Borovoy, a Russian political and economic expert and former member of the State Duma, reports.

If Putin has not reacted to the call of the 'Donetsk People's Republic' to make it a part of Russia, it does not mean he gave up the Donbass region. On the contrary, I don't doubt that Russia will start military action by the election on May 25 and call it a 'peacekeeping operation in eastern Ukraine'. By the way, Belarus will take part in the 'operation' too. Lukashenka made a clear hint lately, the expert forecasts.

According to him, the Russian president wants not only the Donbass region, but also entire Ukraine, Transnistria, a part of Latvia and Estonia.

A new Russian Empire is the only state that would require Putin as president. Putin is under strong pressure from overexcited Russian patriots, whom he agitated, Borovoy noted.

The politologist thinks Russia fell into serious problems international sanctions and a decline in the country's economy by the annexation of Crimea. The expert says many western politicians expected Putin to stop on Crimea, so the international community allowed annexing Crimea from Ukraine.

Borovoy thinks Ukraine has two major tasks creating the effective army urgently that will be able to protect the borders and liberate Crimea from occupants and restoring the economic and political systems. Otherwise, Ukraine will become a colony of the Putin empire.

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