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Minsk dwellers saved oppositionist from riot policemen  ? 59

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Minsk dwellers saved oppositionist from riot policemen

Fights between Belarusian and Russian football fans took place in Minsk.

One of the fights ended in interference of riot policemen, website informs.

At night several fights between Russian and Belarusian fans and took place in the fan zone in Nyamiha Street. After that about 15 riot policemen arrived there, and participants managed to scatter. Then policemen turned their attention to people nearby, Mikita Semyanyuk told.

As said by the activist of For Freedom movement, he and a few more persons were standing and talking all along.

Policemen checked the documents of all of us. Then they took mine, wrote down all details. Then they told me to follow them, the activist added.

When he asked what the reason of detention was, he received differing answers.

The first riot policeman said that I was not detained. The second told that I was detained on charges relating article 17.1 of the Administrative Code (Petty hooliganism), for using foul speech. And the third one said they needed to talk to me, the guy said.

But some people from the public said they detained the wrong person. Though they had been threatened they could be detained as well in case they would not shut up, more than 10 persons came up to the policemen. The wrangle lasted for about an hour, policemen were looking through peoples documents and swearing.

During the attempt to detain, riot policemen repeated many times: What the f*** are you saying, why you show off? Speak in a normal way. When I said they must answer in the language I address them, as they are representatives of power, they said: Lets arrest him, son of the bitch, the activist added.

Then riot policemen gave him back his documents and said he should disappear and never come back.

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