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KGB lieutenant colonel: Belarusian special service may send saboteurs to Ukraine  ? 25

7:51, — Ukraine

KGB lieutenant colonel: Belarusian special service may send saboteurs to Ukraine

Russia's FSB and the Belarusian KGB may work in concert in Ukraine.

Retired KGB lieutenant colonel Valery Kostka said it in an interview with

Belarusian citizens were found and even arrested among separatists in Ukraine. How could it happen that they are involved with the militants?

Different channels are possible. It may be so that the special services are not involved directly. For example, RNU [Russian National Unity] is controlled by the special services in certain sense, but being an civil organisation, they can work and look for people here in Belarus, who stand against Ukraine's independence and sovereignty. In fact, they recruit people like special services.

Minsk and Moscow, also the Belarusian and Russian special services, are known to cooperate closely. On this basis, may it be so that it is the KGB that sent saboteurs from Belarus to Ukraine?

The Kremlin headed by Putin has interests in Ukraine. So, it uses not only diplomacy, but also special services the FSB, the GRU and other hidden tools to achieve its interests. They have certain arrangements with Belarus relating to cooperation between the special services.

Special services of all countries usually work like that: it doesn't matter whether it is the CIA, the FSB or the KGB, if they have a common goal, they solve the issue of the interests. This is a very complicated hidden mechanism. If there are interests, Lukashenka and Putin will come to an agreement and the KGB will cooperate with the FSB, if not, it will be the opposite way. The saboteurs could have been sent to Ukraine by the Belarusian special services. There are no impossible issues for special services.

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