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Lukashenka about vote rigging: District commissions do whatever they want  ? 79

8:08, — Politics

Lukashenka about vote rigging: District commissions do whatever they want

The ruler spoke about electoral fraud mechanisms.

The full interview of Lukashenka with Kseniya Sobchak lasted for two hours. Only a part of it was shown on the air. Nasha Niva newspaper publishes interesting remarks that were not aired by Dozhd TV channel.

Kseniya Sobchak asked Lukashenka about the vote rigging. The ruler said how he had allegedly ordered to change the voting results and reduce the number of votes for him.

90 percent is like people vote in Asia. We agreed that we cannot accept 90%... We won't invite people, carry out additional voting, etc. There are different methods. We discussed it. All those responsible for voting were against. They asked what to do with the ballot papers. I said do what you want, turned back and quit, he said.

The ruler also said how election commissions counted votes.

Well, install a web-cam in the corner. He [an election commission member] stands up and counts ballots. He will count as he wants. I headed an [election] commission in my childhood, I know this technology. They count, everything seems to be okay. District commissions receive ballots from precinct commissions. They do whatever they want. In out country, in Russia, in any other country, he noted.

The two-hour interview with Lukashenkea was aired on the Russian TV channel Dozhd yesterday.

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