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Lukashenka paid to Berezovsky for his whitewashing by Zeltsers arrest 2

14:46, — Politics

Lukashenka paid to Berezovsky for his whitewashing by Zeltsers arrest

Lukashenkas payment to Berezovsky for his whitewashing was Zeltsers arrest.

The ruler told a lie to Sobchak saying that the work of Lord Bell had not been financed from the state budget.

Such an opinion was expressed by the chairman of the United Civil Party (UCP) Anatol Lyabedzka in an interview to website.

- In an interview to Kseniya Sobchak the Belarusian dictator stated that the fugitive Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who died in London in March 2013, emerged in Belarus at the suggestion of Russian authorities. How is it possible?

- As far as Berezovskys activities are concerned, there are many blurred spots there, and Alyaksandr Lukashenkas statements should always be understood with allowance for a great deal of improvisation. I think that Lukashenka and Berezovsky had their political affairs, their business and common interests they tried to solve. Considering the adventurous nature of the both, they could not always talk about all their affairs openly and transparently. So I do not think that Russian authorities stood behind Berezovskys back during that period. Most likely it was an affair of the Russian oligarch and the Belarusian ruler.

- Lukashenka has also said that Berezovsky paid to the British PR agency of Lord Timothy Bell for the work of improving the image of Belarus. Was it a part of joint business of Berezovsky and Lukashenka you talked about?

- Naturally, Berezovsky is not a person who is engaged in political charity. I think that he appealed to Lukashenka exactly thanks to proposals to work for his image in Europe. The Belarusian ruler was interested by that greatly, and it was the thing he could not do himself. But notably, the money paid to Berezovsky for whitewashing Lukashenka, has been lost by the Belarusian budget.

- Just then a US lawyer Emanuel Zeltser was arrested in Minsk. According to him, Berezovsky was the key witness in his trial in Minsk. The US lawyer believed that his arrest was in common interest of Berezovsky and someone from the Belarusian ruling upper circles. Could the arrest of Zeltser be a payment of the Belarusian ruler to the Russian tycoon for being an intermediary in his whitewashing?

- In general, when two or three fraud artists gather together, someone has to suffer and be a small coin to exchange. And such people like Zeltser exactly were the small coin in the schemes and relations between Boris Berezovsky and Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

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