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Police tried to send national bolshevik Paliyenka to labour therapy centre 12

17:12, — Politics

Police tried to send national bolshevik Paliyenka to labour therapy centre

The police tried to send national bolshvik activist Zmitser Paliyenka, who posted a record of his conversation with a policemen, to a labour therapy centre.

The activist of the National Bolshevik movement managed to escape from the bus on the way to the centre. The activist is hiding.

Paliyenka was taken to a court during his term in custody. A judge ruled to send the 22-year-old activist to a labour therapy centre for compulsory treatment.

The police want to isolate him from political activity, Radio Svaboda cites Paliyenka's friends.

We once were at a military and sporting camp in a forest. KGB officers arrived and planted vodka on us. We still have trials, but he was found guilty. They just want to isolate him from political activity. He doesn't deserve it, Paliyenka's friend said.

Paliyanka published an audio record of his conversation with the policeman, who asks the guy to go to jail for two days as a preventive measure.

The conversation took place a day before May 9. The activist was detained on the same day and sentenced to 10 days in custody for disorderly conduct. He is reported to have had hunger strike in the detention centre.

Aliaksandr Lastouski, a spokesman for the Minsk police, says he doesn't know about the audio record and has no time to speak.

The police has been persecuting Paliyenka for several months, which can be heard on the record. The activist served several terms in custody for protests.

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