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Lukashenka agreed to all Putins terms  ? 93

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Lukashenka agreed to all Putins terms

Belarus is to sign the treaty on formation of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

It has been stated by Lukashenka on May 9 when he answered questions of journalists after the flower-laying ceremony at the monument of Victory in Minsk. He noted that the issues that had not been agreed upon by the presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia at the summit on April 19 in Minsk, were isolated and are solved on the bilateral basis, BelTA writes.

We have settled almost all the issues in the bilateral format yesterday, he said I've instructed the government to thoroughly revise all the parts of the treaty in order to have a clear understanding by 29 May of what we are going to sign, how we are signing it, what we will get from this economic union, what prospects.

Some things will be delayed by several years, by up to ten years in some case, he added. It is definitely a bad thing to do, its not our position. You know our stance: we should build the economic union without exemptions and restrictions. Our partners are not ready, mildly speaking, on all these issues.

We are not going to block the signing of this treaty. If we cannot make a leap forward, we should move on in small steps, thats what we believe in. Alyaksandr Lukashenka said.

He noted that Belarus had managed to address all the concerns. But still it has to be understood that we didn't beg there in Moscow and the Kremlin, hat in hand. It was a compromise, he underlined.

We remind that earlier in a conversation with journalists he told that Russia is to transfer $2 billion to Belarus this month, which is a loan to support gold and currency reserves. Besides, the leaders of the two countries have agreed upon deliveries of Russian oil which are to cover all needs of Belarus, and gradual annulment of export duties on oil products.

We will gradually lift them. Next year Belarus will keep about half of the sum. As from 2016 I believe we will deal with the second part, too. Belarus' budget will keep about $1.5 billion next year. Roughly the same amount we will transfer to Russia's budget. As I said, in 2016 we will revise the matter, and I am convinced that within two years we will get rid of the duties and will trade in a civilized manner, Lukashenka said. But on the other hand, we had to make some concessions.

In particular, he remarked that the Belarusian side had not been satisfied with the approach to medications, alcohol, tobacco products, beer. We open up too much but it should be understood that we make this step while they make other steps to meet us halfway on other issues. Therefore, those were major compromises, from our point of view they are not always needed today, but we do what we can, he said.

Therefore, I don't think we should block the signing of the treaty. Now we are analyzing everything we have agreed on: what we concede and what we get. We will weigh all pros and cons and will sign the treaty on 29 May, concluded the ruler.

The bilateral talks of Lukashenka with Vladimir Putin were held in Moscow on May 8. The Belarusian leader was there on a two-day working visit. The treaty is to be signed in Astana on May 29.

Photo: RIA Novosti

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