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Lukashenka: I offered S-300 systems to Milosevic 35

14:18, — Army

Lukashenka: I offered S-300 systems to Milosevic

The dictator claims he wanted to send S-300 missile systems to Belgrade.

If the deal had taken place in the late 1990s, the conflict between the Milosevic regime and the western world could have ended in another way, Lukashenka said in an interview with Serbian media ahead of a visit to the country, AFN reports.

Frankly speaking, Mr Milosevich and I were considering this kind of aid. I mean not only S-300 systems, but also aircraft. We developed the routes, Lukashenka said.

According to him, the plan was not fulfilled, because Milosevic did not believe NATO could carry out such an aggression.

After that it was too late. We couldn't have sent S-300 systems due to the blockade. I warned about it. You should be prepared for an aggression whether it will take place or not, Lukashenka said adding that Milosevic later regretted he had declined to accept the missile systems.

He [Milosevic] was confident NATO would give up if they lost two or tree planes, Lukashenka said.

It's worth noting that the story of deploying S-300 missile systems in Yugoslavia costs nothing, because the these systems were unable to help the Yugoslavian dictator. NATO used precision guided weapons to bomb Belgrade and S-300 systems, if they had been deployed, were not able to target NATO planes.

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