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Yanukovych gave Russia secret information about Ukrainian army 35

14:04, — Ukraine

Yanukovych gave Russia secret information about Ukrainian army

The Kremlin knows all information about the state of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Former president Viktor Yanukovcyh and former high-ranking officials from the National Security Council and the Interior Ministry, who are now in Moscow, gave Russia the secret information. The statement was made by Anton Herashchenko, an advisor of the interior minister, on air of Ukrainian Channel 5.

Two former ministers of defence are in Russia. They know the state secrets, they revealed all information about our troops. Two former chiefs of the National Security Council are in Russia, too. Former chief of the foreign intelligence service Grygoriy Illyashov (the husband of Yelena Lukash) is in Russia as well as former Commander in Chief Yanukovych, he said, Russia knows everything about the Ukrainian troops, their material and moral state.

Ukraine was not ready for this sort of a conflict, according to him.

We have a real war in the Donbas region, the war that is encouraged by Russia. It allows armed militants to cross the border in violation of all international norms. It is the so called hybrid war. Russia does not send troops officially, but it sends its militants and mercenaries sponsored by the Yanukovych family and perhaps other Russian funds. Russia sells armoured personnel carriers to Cossacks. These APC then cross the border and are used in the war with Ukraine, he said.


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