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Pranker Vovan222: I havent been called from Lukashenkas Administration yet (Audio) 8

15:22, — Society

A pranker, who had purportedly talked with the dictator, having introduced himself as Yanukovych-junior, promises to disclose the details of his joke tomorrow morning.

The pranker whose nickname is Vovan222, who had a conversation with Alyaksandr Lukashenka over the phone, having introduced himself as Viktor Yanukovych-junior, the son of the former Ukrainian president, promises to reveal all the details on June 17.

He told about that to Radio Svaboda.

- Tomorrow morning there will be all the details. Have you compared the voice?

- Yes, we have heard all your recordings. The voice is certainly similar.

- Its hard to listen to all of the recordings, there are too many of them (laughs). But there is something similar, isnt there? I would deny if it wasnt me, wouldnt I? Call me tomorrow, the most interesting details of the story are yet to come. And the most important thing is where this recording comes from.

- Have you received calls from the press-service of the Belarusian leader? From his Administration? Or from his security service?

- No. Very many journalists are calling, but no calls from them.

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