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Officer of organised crime department arranged $50,000 fraud 15

14:40, — Crime

Officer of organised crime department arranged $50,000 fraud

The offender stole 500,000 million rubles through forgery. has learnt it from reader Ivan.

My father has been the chairman of the garage cooperative Zhilishchnik-21 since 2004. In 2008, he began to collect documents for the allocation of a plot of land to construct a new building in the cooperative. He collected 90% documents for three years. On this stage, officer of the organised crime department Illia Trukhan, a son of a cooperative member, and Viktar Putrou joined him. My father was a pensioner, so they began to help him collect the documents. Last April, all documents for the construction were received. Illia Trukhan helped with the tender process. An agreement with Promstroi firm, which founder was Viktar Putrou, was signed, Ivan said.

The reader claims that Trukhan and Putrou stole about 500,000 million Belarusian rubles through forgery during first out of two and a half months of the works.

They were stealing money and transfer it to shell firms. These persons are not under arrest now. No one launches probes. Trukhan was fired after our collective appeal last year. We also filed requests to check Promstroi firm. But it was the duty of the organised crime department of Minsk's Frunzenski district and Trukhan worked for the Minsk main organised crime department, so the materials were hidden. It will be a trial on June 27. I think he will get back his job in the law-enforcement bodies. He registered on a forum of a well-known Belarusian website under about 10 nicknames and deceived people again, Ivan says.

It's worth noting that it is not the first time when an officer of the law-enforcement agencies has been caught defrauding. reported that one of them is involved in visa frauds and still remains unpunished.

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