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Barys Zhaliba: Money collection in airport is continuation of vehicle extortions 8

14:34, — Society

Barys Zhaliba: Money collection in airport is continuation of vehicle extortions

However, the money collected by passengers would be too small for reconstruction of the airports flight strip.

Passengers of the National airport Minsk are to pay a fee from $2.5 to $5 collected for its development. Since June 1, passengers who depart from the National airport Minsk, are to pay money collected for the airports infrastructure development. Such a decision has been formalized in the Resolution of the Council of Ministers #459.

Barys Zhaliba, an economist, believes that the new fee at the airport could be easily compared with the car tax, which was imposed in the end of the last year, Radio Svaboda informs.

This fact has a nature of extortions. The Finance Ministry and the Taxation Ministry on behalf of the government have invented a car tax already, and now we have a new Belarusian know-how to pay for flying off an airport. In general, this fee is related to rebuilding of the flight strip. The Belarusian side has not found agreement on the price with the Chinese who were to be responsible for that. And in order to compensate shortage of financing in some way, they invented this fee. Once again it shows that the state is extremely poor and cannot find money to raise salaries to teachers, renew hospitals and improve the airport, the expert said.

At the same time, Baryz Zhaliba believes that the collected money will be hardly enough for rebuilding the flight strip.

Even if it would be possible to collect 4-5 million dollars over the year due to this fee, it would not be enough. It is a rather small sum. In order to reconstruct the flight strip they need dozens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. And they seem to seek wherever possible, the economist said.

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