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People of oligarch Chyzh threaten to wipe pavement with BCD activist 7

16:14, — Society

People of oligarch Chyzh threaten to wipe pavement with BCD activist

Representatives of oligarch Chyzh began to persecute Heorhy Karzhaneuski, who struggles against the construction of residential buildings in a cemetery in Valozhyn.

Heorhy Karzhaneuski, an activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party (BCD) struggling against the construction of a swine farm and residential buildings on the site of mass executions of the Jews during the WWII, has faced pressure, the BCD press service reports.

Representatives of the developer, a company owned by oligarch Chyzh, threatened to wive the pavement with him. They even hit the pensioner in the kidney at a meeting in winter, Pavel Prakapovich, a coordinator of the BCD's organising committee for the Minsk region, says.

Drilling works began at the stadium last week. The activist stopped construction workers on the first day and told them about the executions, but they resumed the works the next day saying that everything was decided by the local authorities.

The stadium is in decline due to the efforts of the local authorities. Instead of reburying several hundreds of the Holocaust victims, they began to construct buildings on the site of the executions.

Local residents know about the place. Several hundreds of people from the Jewish community of Valozhyn were executed at the stadium in November 1941.

The district executive committee refused to organise excavation works and rebury the Jews. They say the executions were carried out in another place and the issue was already solved.

Heorhy Karzhaneuski sent several appeals to the local authorities demanding to stop the construction of residential buildings on the site of mass executions of the Jews.

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