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War on imports: imports of cars and tires will be restricted into Belarus  ? 80

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War on imports: imports of cars and tires will be restricted into Belarus

The Council of Ministers is introducing the institution of licensing for the imports of cars and tires.

The Interfax-West news agency learnt that from a representative of a Belarusian business-union.

Public authorities are working on a draft law, according to which the institution of licensing could be introduced in the country for imports of cars and tires for them from outside the Customs Union. According to unofficial sources in the government, the draft law has already been prepared, and now we are having consultations with the government in order to persuade them not to make such a decision. Our opponents in the Council of Ministers confirm that the document exists, - he claimed.

According to him, there will be an obligation to license the imports of cars and car tires in the case those are imported from outside the Customs Union. The institution of licensing on this two groups of goods is scheduled to be introduced on 1 July for half a year.

Considering that licensing as a mechanism does not contradict the Customs Union regulations, there is high possibility the decision will be adopted, - noted the agencys interlocutor.

At the same time, according to him, the draft of the law has been received ambiguously by certain governing bodies, in particular by the Ministry of Trade, MFA and Ministry of Economy.

On the other hand, the draft law was supported in the Ministry of Industry, since formally it aims to protect Belarusian producers Belshyna and BelGee company, which produces Geely cars in partnership with the Chinese company of the same name.

As he commented on the possible consequences of the adoption of such a decision, the representative of the business-union noted that after 1 July Belarusian car dealers will switch to importing cars from the Russian Federation. According to him, these will be either new cars made by Russian car manufacturers or used cars of foreign origin.

At the same time the agencys interlocutor turned attention to the point that introducing licensing on imports of cars and tires would lead to gray imports schemes and would only intensify the outflow of foreign currency.

Earlier, decisions have already been adopted in Belarus on the introduction of the institution of licensing for the imports of confectionery, cement, pasta and beer as of 1 June.


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