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Lukashenka dishonorably turning country into marionette state 31

14:53, — Politics

Lukashenka dishonorably turning country into marionette state

For Freedom movement voices a resolute protest against participation of Russian military in the parade of July 3.

By their actions the authorities of Belarus are shamefully and servilely turning our country into a marionette state and a stage for displaying power of the Russias military clique, the statement of the organisation reads.

Invitation of the Russian troops to the parade in Minsk is conflicting with the neutral status of Belarus, it put at threat the stability and well-being of the Belarusian nation, endanger the regional security.

In the todays Europe and all over the world Russian flags and black-orange ribbons are identified with the aggression against the sovereign country which is Belarus neighbouring state, Ukraine. The festive Russian column today could mean a direct occupation tomorrow. All that is also results in involving Belarusians in the war against Ukrainian fraternal nation.

The neutral Belarus should honour its army, preserve historical memory and value the lessons of the Second World War. And these lessons demonstrate that one should not play dangerous games with an aggressor.

For Freedom movement allows participation of troops from other good-will countries in the parades of neutral Belarus. Such parades should reinforce regional security and mutual understanding. Representatives of neighbouring countries Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia should be invited to take part in them, as well as the states of anti-Hitler coalition.

We realize that such parades today are impossible in an authoritarian Belarus, which is semi-isolated from the civilized world. That is why we share the righteous resentment of many Belarusians over the presence of Russian military, military hardware and symbols in the streets of our country.

We urge citizens of Belarus to remember the lessons of history and spare no effort for Belarus to become a neutral nation building relations with all its neighbours,, -- the statement of the movement reads.

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