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G7 leaders: We are ready for new sanctions against Russia  ? 19

7:58, — Politics

G7 leaders: We are ready for new sanctions against Russia

The Big Seven demand from Moscow to stop sending weapons and gunmen to Ukraine.

This comes from the joint statement of the G7 leaders, adopted on the outcomes of the first day of the Brussels summit, RBK reports.

According to the document, they are ready to introduce sanctions against people and organizations, who actively supported or practiced the violation of Ukraines sovereignty and its territorial integrity, threaten Ukraines peace, security and stability.

We follow the strict policy of non-recognition of the situation around Crimea and Sevastopol in accordance with the decision of the UN General Assembly 68/262. We are still ready to activate targeted sanctions and apply additional significant restrictive measures to Russia, should the events so require, - the G7 document says.

In their statement the G7 leaders urge Russia to recognize the election results, finalize the troops withdrawal from Ukraines border, stop the flow of weapons and gunmen across the border, and also influence the gunmen, so they lay down their arms and refrain from violence.

The document also contains a call on cooperation with Ukraines government, which is putting into practice its plans for the consolidation of peace, unity and reforms

As she commented on the first day outcomes Germanys Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that Western states kept observing Russias actions in Ukraine. If we do not see any progress, there is a possibility for new sanctions, tougher than before, - she said.

The summit in Brussels started yesterday and gathered the seven leading industrialized countries the USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Canada and Japan. For the first time in 17 years the summit is held without Russia. Originally the G8 summit was supposed to take place in Sochi, but in late March after Russias annexation of Crimea the leaders of the Big Seven spoke in favor of holding an alternative meeting without Russias participation.

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