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Lukashenka gets hissed off and called Putins groveller in Kyiv photos

13:11, — Politics

Belarusians and Ukrainians protested against the dictators arrival.

This took place before the solemn service at the Sofiya Church in Kyiv, in which Lukashenka took place together with the leaders of European countries and the USA. The learnt the details from a Belarusian activist Dzmitry, who was present at the events on the occasion of the Ukraine fifth presidents inauguration.

We did not think that Lukashenka would come to Kyiv, so we did not prepare to receive him.It was today in the morning that we learnt that we was coming. We came to the Sofiya Church right by the time as the motorcades of the heads of states started arriving. Ukrainians warmly welcomed the presidents of European states, the guests would approach people, communicate, shake hands. The crowd would shout out thanks for the solidarity with their country.

Then Lukashenkas procession arrived. He came out of the car together with son and, like others, moved towards the people. Having made a few steps, he raised the eyes and saw white-red-white flags. There were about eight meters between us. He immediately got lost. Then came shouts Shame and loud whistle. Ukrainians also supported us. Lukashenka quickly went into the Sofiya Church for the service, - he said.

As the event ended, the dictator again had to pass the people in the square.

We waited till the end of the service, Lukashenka came out of the church, shook hands with the people at the entrance. As we was walking towards the car, the condemnation shouts were much lauder we had spoken to many Ukrainians in the meanwhile, who decided to support us. The people shouted Long live Belarus!, Shame and Putins groveller at him. He turned red, got confused, waved his hand for about five seconds and got into the car, - Dzmitry told.

We would remind that today Ukraines fifth president Petro Poroshenko took an oath of loyalty to the people. The festivities on the occasion of the inauguration took place at the parliament and in Kyivs Sofiya Square. According to Ukraines MFA, about 20 heads of foreign states and governments had confirmed their participation.

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