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Beltelecom clients unable to reach Ukrainian web-sites  ? photos 49

1:28, — Freedom of speech

Belarus largest internet-provider does not allow its users to enter Ukrainian web-sites. learns that from readers.

As they attempt opening the web-sites of Ukrainian media, the users of Byfly, which is Beltelecoms trade mark, face a message saying that the access is restricted under a court decision or on other grounds under the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Esteemed editorial board, I would like to clarify this issue with your help. Today I have faced the blockage of a Ukrainian web-site I live in Minsk and get internet from Beltelecoms Byfly, - the reader reported.

From 30 June the access to the Ukrainian information source has been shut down. It appears that the Beltelecom deems it acceptable for foreign legislation to be spread onto Belarus, - another reader of ours wrote.

Belarusian users face such a problem on a regular basis due to the wrong setting of Beltelecoms router, when Belarusian traffic goes through the networks of Russian main line internet providers. The problem had not been of a great scale until they started blocking disfavored web-sites in Russia. After the military aggression had started of Russia against Ukraine, dozens Ukrainian internet information sources fell under blockage for Russian users. Those Belarusian users, who go on the internet via the Byfly provider, also face the blockage automatically.

For over a year Beltelecom has not been commenting on the problem and not taking any measures in order to rectify the mistake.

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