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Beltelecoms web-site retransmits terrorists propaganda photos

12:37, — Society

Mahilou city web-site is actively retransmitting the position of the Donetsk separatists and the subversive Igor Girkin.

At the web-site they constantly report of the military operation of the Donbas separatists and Ukrainian forces. They call the terrorists the peoples volunteer corps, while the Ukrainian military and authorities - junta. The web-site tries to prove the readers that the activities of the separatists are successful. Summaries are regularly published of Igor Girkin, a Russian citizen, an FSB colonel, who has become the leader of the terrorists and at first operated in Slavyansk and then relocated to Donetsk, Radio Svaboda reports.

News summaries are illustrated with pictures with a web-sites copyright. Also published are videos on the military operations of the terrorist, burnt tanks and blown up bridges. For example, right now the web-site claims that the Ukrainian military is to blame for the downing of the Malaysian Boeing. Certain sections of the web-site are written in Russian pre-reform spelling, in particular in the Province section.

The web-site was created in 2002, the administrator of the domain name is the Mahilou Beltelecom branch.

We did not manage to learn from the Beltelecom, who provides the content for the web-site, they only promised to sort things out in the situation and thanked for the alert.

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