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Political prisoner Prakapienka gets dental treatment at penal colony 3

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Political prisoner Prakapienka gets dental treatment at penal colony

Arciom Prakapienka has served half the time.

The web-site got the information from his father Anatol Prakapienka.

He calls us regularly, but there are no special news. He started getting dental treatment. Earlier he had caught a cold, but he recovered. MAP ordered work from them, but now there are no orders, so there is no job, - he pointed out. It has been long since we had a meeting. They do not especially bother Arciom, since half the term has already passed. He made the choice himself, he decided he would spend the whole term, although we are asking him to take a plea. But he says: No! I cannot.

We would remind that Arciom Prakapienka was sentenced together with Jauhien Vaskovich and Paviel Syramalotau to seven years in prison on charges of attempted arson of the doors of a KGB office in Babrujsk. In September 2012 Syramalotau walked free, having signed a plea for pardon addressed to Lukashenka. Prakapienka and Vaskovich refuse to do so.

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