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Pahonia squadron fighters are alive and keep annihilating terrorists in Donbas 15

11:14, — Ukraine

Pahonia squadron fighters are alive and keep annihilating terrorists in Donbas

Confusing information about the death of the Pahonia squadron members found no proof.

The fighters keep battling alongside Ukrainian volunteers in the area of the anti-terrorism operation (ATO), Belsat reports.

This comes from the spokesperson of the volunteer fighting formation Tatsiana Elavaya: According to recent data, there are definitely no loses among the Pahonia fighters. Part of our people are within the Ukrainian volunteer battalions on the very frontline, but, thank god, they are alright.

Information about 12 Belarusians, who had been killed, emerged about a month ago. In early August this number was voiced by journalist Dzmitry Lukashuk, referring to his sources. Information about casualties among Belarusians also came from Ukrainian volunteer battalion fighters. Further this number was spread around on the internet and social networks. It was also used by interested parties in order to discredit the Pahonia squadron.

However, Tatsiana Elavaya does not deny that ethnic Belarusians could have died in battles. These are not the volunteers, who came from Belarus within the recent months, but the people, who constantly live in Ukraine and have Ukrainian citizenship. A separate discussion is the tragic events of the Ilovaysk pocket. Many people died or were captured there. I do not rule out that Belarusian volunteers could have been among them.

The Pahonia squadron has been created in July. This is a formation, made of Belarusian citizens, who took special trainings and take part in the fighting in Ukraines east among Ukrainian volunteer battalions. Over 100 people expressed their desire to join the squadron, however, for security reasons, only 10% were selected the proven and reliable people. Pahonia keeps working on recruiting and training new volunteer groups.

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