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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97


Dmitry Zavadsky`s mother still hoping to see her son alive
11:11, 01/03/2001


Minister of the Interior ceases to divide disappearance cases into "political" and "ordinary"
11:10, 01/03/2001, Natalya RADINA

At the March 1 press-conference Vladimir Naumov deliberately kept silent about the investigation into the so-called loud cases, relating to the abductions of prominent people. The Minister neglectfully noted that Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky are simply three missing individuals out of the total 4-5 thousand.

Drug addicts are growing in number in Belarus
11:09, 01/03/2001

Over the last year the number of officially registered drug addicts increased by 26%, reported an official from the Ministry of healthcare Vladimir Maksimchuk at the Feb.28 press-conference, dedicated to the presentation of the report of the International Committee for drug addiction prevention 2000.

Long-distance calls grow in price
11:08, 01/03/2001

February 27 saw a 15% increase in the cost of international phone calls (except CIS states). From now on one minute of a phone conversation with Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland will cost a caller 372 rubles (previously 324), Czech Republic - 338 (294), Bulgaria, Germany and France - 356 (309), Great Britain - 440 (383), Australia - 854 (742), USA - 1.104 (960), Israel - 1.292 (1.124). The most expensive calls are to Middle East and South-Asian countries (Vietnam, China, Jordan and others) - 2.582 rubles for a minute (earlier - 2.246).

Basic tariffs for GSM cellular phones users increased by 20%
11:07, 01/03/2001

March 1 the company "Mobile digital communications" for the very first time in the last twelve months raises the tariffs for GSM standard system. In particular, a monthly fee for GSM will see a 27,5% increase - from 13.480 to 17.200 rubles for a standard tariff plan and from 22.400 to 28.600 for a business-plan.

"BDG" waits for police actions
11:06, 01/03/2001

Two months ago "Belorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta" tried to find a logical connection between the dismissals of KGB chief Matskevich, his deputy Vladimir Narkevich, prosecutor general Oleg Bozhelko and the Minister of culture Alexander Sosnovsky. Then they held a conversation with the former head of the Committee for control and revision of the Ministry of culture Alexander Grachev. In his interview to "BDG" former official openly declared that the Security Council wouldn`t let him investigate into the case files of Tatyana Bondarchuk. He said that officers of the police department of economic crime prevention (OBEP), which used to deal with the "case of Tatyana Bondarchuk" have all been dismissed. As for himself, he was abducted by the security services thugs and brutally beaten. Among his kidnappers he recognized former officer of the "Almaz" special force Valery Ignatovich, who is also suspected of abducting an ORT cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky.

Syamon Domash`s luggage searched at the border for no reason
11:05, 01/03/2001

At the custom-house "Bruzgi" of Grodno region customs officers spent two hours searching personal stuff of the prominent Belarusian politician, leader of the "Regional Belarus", one of the most likely candidates for the presidency from opposition Syamon Domash, who was heading for Poland in his own car.

Espionage passions escalating at the Belarusian TV
11:04, 01/03/2001

Special "Resonance" program, dedicated to the CIA activities on the territory of Belarus was televised on BT February 28 night. The program host Alexander Zimovsky blamed the US embassy in Minsk for espionage actions and attempts to subvert the country`s state system. They even mentioned the names of the people, who used to work in Belarus as CIA agents, recruiting new people and supporting opposition. So far we don`t know the official reaction of the embassy.

Businessmen`s strike ends to no avail
11:03, 01/03/2001

National strike of Belarusian vendors took place February 28 in Minsk. Its organizers claim that the action was a success. Meantime, no perceptible results have been achieved, just as it was the case with most of their protests of the recent past. Many leaders of business trade unions accused the Committee for strike`s leadership of intriguing and desire to use people`s problems for their own political benefit.

Today will see an increase in the minimum salary
11:02, 01/03/2001

From March 1 this year the size of the minimum salary must be raised by 58,3% and reach 5.700 rubles ($4 a month, less than a one-hour salary in USA!), BelaPAN was told by the first deputy chair of the Federation of trade unions of Belarus Frants Vitko with a reference to the source in the Ministry of labor. Previously one minimum wage constituted 3.600 rubles ($3). The latest increase happened last October.

Belarus to introduce Russian tariffs on exported oil
11:01, 01/03/2001

Russian tariffs on exported oil and petroleum products will be introduced in the country on March 1. Our export tariffs on oil will see a twofold increase. From March 1 export of a ton of raw oil will cost 48 euro, as compared to the previous 20 euro. Tariffs on diesel fuel will amount to 39 euro, oil fuel - 31 euro.

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