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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97


Vladimir Goncharik: Lukashenko Reveals Strategy Of Coup d`etat
11:19, 01/08/2001


Relatives Of Repressed Picket Presidential Administration
11:18, 01/08/2001

On August 1 in Minsk the relatives of the repressed prominent figures made a picket before the Administration of the president. Wife and daughter of the missing deputy-speaker of the 13th Supreme Soviet Gennady Karpenko Liudmila Karpenko and Tatsiana Kvasnitskaya, the wife of the ex-chairman of the CEC and the Supreme Soviet deputy Viktor Gonchar, who disappeared under unexplained circumstances, Zinaida Gonchar, wife of the businessman Anatoly Krasovsky, Irina Krasovskaya, wife of the prisoner of conscience Andrey Klimov, Tatsiana Klimova, mother and wife of the missing Public Russian Television camera man Dmitry Zavadsky, Svetlana and Olga Zavadskaya held photos of their dear ones.

Six Candidates for President Against Forcible Power Retention
11:17, 01/08/2001

We support fair and transparent elections. It is the Belarusian nation who is to choose, not the law-enforcers from special squads personally loyal to the authorities. Together we will not let the society break and to lead the country to rebel and chaos, the declaration of the six candidates for the presidential position: Vladimir Goncharik, Syamon Domash, Sergey Kalyakin, Pavel Kozlovsky, Mikhail Chigir and Mikhail Marinich, made on August 1, in connection with A.Lukashenkos address during the consultation with the heads of executive bodies on July 31.

PACE Delegation Meets Five United Democratic Candidates
11:07, 01/08/2001

The EC Parliamentary Assembly began the second day in Minsk with a lunch with the five united candidates from the wide civil coalition Vladimir Goncharik, Syamon Domash, Sergey Kalyakin, Pavel Kozlovsky and Mikhail Chigir, and with the leader of Gonchariks election campaign Vassily Leonov.

International Commission For Investigation Of Politicians Abductions Is Formed
11:05, 01/08/2001

Vladimir Goncharik, the single candidate for presidential post from the wide civil coalition affirmed that an international commission for the investigation of abductions of Lukashenkos political opponents: Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, Dmitry Zavadsky and Anatoly Krasovsky, and activities of Belarusian death squad is being formed. The single candidate informed than independent experts from Russia, the USA and other countries would join the commission.

Lukashenko Will Not Sit In Bunker Like Milosevic. Special Squad Chief Officer Pavluchenko Protects Him
11:04, 01/08/2001

Yesterday during the consultation with the heads of executive bodies Lukashenko claimed that opposition plans to storm his residence. They know very well that Im going to defend myself. I wont hide in a bunker like Milosevic. Im not afraid of anyone; I have not robbed my people. I will defend myself. Who will protect me? Not army- it cannot play a part in internal dealings. It wont get involved. Certainly it will be internal armed forces. There is an elite squadron for special purposes in command of Pavluchenko. A famous surname. The name is well known indeed. As maintained by the documents on missing persons cases that were published recently, it was colonel Pavluchenko who was in charge of the murders of oppositional politicians.

Hans-Georg Wieck: Belarusian Authorities Show Less and Less Inclination to Follow OSCE Recommendations
11:03, 01/08/2001

Hans-Georg Wiecks reaction to Lukashenkos accusations that were expressed yesterday at a consultation with the heads of executive bodies on political situation in the country became known yesterday evening. Despite the presidents opinion AMG OSCE is neither leader nor headquarters of the Belarusian opposition. According to its mandate AMG OSCE advise the authorities, opposition and non-governmental organizations on the issues of creating conditions for free and democratic elections. After parliamentary elections in 2000 the official authorities demonstrate less and less inclination to follow the offered recommendations. OSCE Advisory and Monitoring Group is devoted to true democratic changes promotion and is not supporting any part in the presidential elections, Wieck said in his declaration.

PACE Received Invitation to Take Part In Presidential Elections Monitoring
11:02, 01/08/2001

The Parliamentary Assembly delegation is invited to participate in international monitoring of presidential elections preparation and carrying out in Belarus. It is a result of the meeting of the PACE delegation and the deputy minister of the Foreign Affairs Mikhail Khvostov on July 31 in Minsk.

Municipal Utilities Prices Increased By 10%
11:01, 01/08/2001

The consumer prices to all goods and services increased in June in relation to May by 2,1%. As the reporter of BELTA was informed in the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis, the highest growth, by 10,8%, was observed in municipal utilities tariffs.

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