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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97


11:16, 02/05/2002


Ten Pieces of Soap Instead of Washing Machine and TV Set
11:15, 02/05/2002, Haidi Riepl, "Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten" (Austria)

Belarus doesn’t have any real development concept. Its population skeptically views the government’s plans to merge with Russia.

Yuri Zakharenko’s Portraits to Be Raised in Central Minsk on May 7
11:14, 02/05/2002

May 7 will mark three years since the disappearance of the former Interior Minister of Belarus, police general Yuri Zakharenko. On this day the United Civil Party will hold another of their series of actions “The Chain of Those Who Care”. The action will stretch from the Independence to the Oktyabrskaya square at 6-7p.m. on May 7.

Vandals Demolish Catholic Chapel
11:12, 02/05/2002

In the Kuntsefchina village (Minsk district) the unknown evildoers destroyed the Roman Catholic chapel. BelaPAN quotes the priest of the Minsk Red Temple Vladislav Zavalnuk as saying that the building caught fire overnight April 28-29. He believes it was a purposeful arson. According to Zavalnuk, the first such attack at arson had been stepped up during the Catholic Passover, celebrated this year on March 31. “This time the vandals have totally burnt down, destroyed and plundered the chapel. The local residents called for police and fire fighters, but they never showed up, motivating their refusals by the absence of fuel. For as long as we don’t rebuild the temple, we will continue the ministry under an open sky. We consider that this tragic occurrence testifies to the society’s moral decaying,” – said Vladislav Zavalnuk.

Pinsk Synagogue Desecrated by Swastika
11:11, 02/05/2002

Abusive anti-Semite inscriptions appeared on the walls of the Pinsk buildings. The graffiti were found on the walls of the local synagogue, the office of the future Jewish school and the town’s educational center – former Soviet school, one of the graduates of which was the first Israeli president Haim Veitsman. In all three cases the unidentified hooligans drew the same green pictures – a fascist swastika and a gallows with a loop made in a form of a six-pointed star, reports “Brestsky courier”.

ILO Set to Track Workers’ Rights Violations in Belarus
11:10, 02/05/2002

Infringements on workers’ rights in Belarus will be again in the spotlight of attention of the 90th session of the International Labor Organization (ILO), which is due to open this June in Geneva. According to the Federation of the Belarusian trade unions, this news was spread by the executive director of the department for norms, fundamental principles and rights of the ILO Mr.Tapiola, speaking at the forum “East-East: major legal norms”, held last week in Kiev.

Domestic Companies’ Profitability in Catastrophic Decline
11:09, 02/05/2002

The profitability of goods and services, sold and rendered by the Belarusian companies, continues to fall, reports the Ministry of statistics and analysis. In January-February this year it constituted 5,9% against 9,8% over the analogous period last year, while in January it was even less than that – 5,1%, becoming slightly higher due to the February 6,8%, says BelaPAN.

“Reporters without Frontiers”: Belarusian Press One of Least Free Worldwide
11:06, 02/05/2002

Ahead of May 3 – the Universal Day of the freedom of press – the international organization “Reporters without frontiers” publicized its annual report about the freedom of speech situation in various corners of the world. According to the authors of the report, the situation with the freedom of Belarusian press was one of the worst in the world last year. The document enumerates multiple facts of pressure and harassment, unleashed against the independent editions.

UCP Reprimanded for Claims to Return Money Stolen by State
11:05, 02/05/2002

The Belarusian Ministry of Justice issued an official reprimand to the United Civil Party for the recently appeared article by the UCP chair Anatoly Lebedko, published in the April 27 issue of “Narodnaya Volya” under a title “Return the stolen!”. The article revealed the existence of the country’s shadow budget. According to the Ministry of Justice, this article is abusive to the head of state and contains rude libelous allegations. Read the article below.

Great Britain Lists Belarus Among Ballistic Missile Holders
11:04, 02/05/2002

The British Defense Ministry published the list of countries, possessing ballistic missiles. Out of the total 28 countries, having this deadly weaponry in their arsenal, only five pose potential threat to the world community – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria and North Korea, reports IRNA.

Nomenclature to Be Brought to Full Accountability for Failed Economic Policy
11:03, 02/05/2002

Head of the Committee for state control deems that there have been no objective reasons for failure to observe in the first quarter of 2002 crucial social-economic parameters – neither climatic, nor political, nor financial and economic, said chair of the Committee Anatoly Tozik speaking at Alexander Lukashenko’s recent meeting, in which the Cabinet officials also took part.

Disobedient “Medic” Liquidated
11:02, 02/05/2002,
Following a two-day strike the employees of the “Medic” state company have finally been paid their wages for three months. However, upon the decision of the Grodno region hall chair, the enterprise is being prepared for liquidation, said deputy head of the healthcare department Larisa Zaitseva.

Price Decrease on Russian Natural Gas Export
11:01, 02/05/2002

Russia reduced her prices on natural gas, exported to Belarus, to the level of Russian market. Now Belarus will be able to purchase gas on the conditions of the Smolenk region of Russia, which borders on Belarus. Before May 1 Gasprom sold the “blue fuel” to Belarus at $30 per thousand cubic meters, while the analogous price for the Smolensk region constitutes $21,17.

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