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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97


Russian Politicians Plead with Putin to Locate Lukashenko’s Missing Opponents
11:26, 01/07/2002


OSCE Leadership’s Visit to Belarus Put Off to July 11-12
11:24, 01/07/2002

A visit to Belarus by the OSCE secretary general and representative of the organization’s Chairman-in-Office, was shifted to July 11-12, Reuter quotes OSCE AMG official in Minsk Alina Jossan as saying.

Iranian President Khatami to Pay Visit to Minsk in Late 2002
11:23, 01/07/2002,

The Belarusian ambassador in Teheran Leonid Rachkov told the “Iran” newspaper correspondent that relations between Belarus and Iran in the sphere of politics, economy and culture are “developing successfully and have great perspectives”. Leonid Rachkov reminded about the visit to Belarus by the chairman of the Iranian “Medjlis” Karrubi, Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi and the Minister of culture Masdjed Djamei, claiming that the enumeration of these visits is enough in itself to form a positive opinion of the relations between the two states.

Russia Declines to Fund Belarusian Economy
11:22, 01/07/2002

The problem of financial backing of Belarus by Russia is being currently solved with great difficulty, said the Minister of finance of Belarus Nikolai Korbut in an interview to “Interfax”. Nikolai Korbut deems it necessary to hold the meeting between the Ministers of finance of Russia and Belarus, at which the sides would discuss the “allocation of the stabilization credit by Russia and a range of other issues”.

Alarming Economy
11:18, 01/07/2002, “BDG”

The government drew conclusions on economic performance over the previous five months. Certain criteria changed for the best as compared to the results of the first quarter, but there had been no general improvement of the situation. The economic condition remains saddening. And saddening it is, especially for the government officials, for Alexander Lukashenko swore he would send them home, given there’s no cardinal improvement of the situation.

U.S. Deplores Belarus Actions Against Media
11:14, 01/07/2002

In a statement by the US Department of State’s Spokesman Richard Boucher the United States condemned recent crackdown on the freedom of speech in the country, in particular the criminal sentence of the “Pagonya” journalists Markevich and Mozheiko. Read below the full transcript of his speech:

Yuri Zakharenko’s Wife Demands Official Recognition of His Demise
11:13, 01/07/2002

Head of the human rights organization “Center for the legal assistance of the population” Oleg Volchek submitted to court a plea to recognize general Yuri Zakharenko dead. Volchek has been authorized to do so by the spouse of the missing ex-minister Olga Zakharenko.

Scandalous Religious Law Passage Put Off
11:12, 01/07/2002

The upper chamber of the Belarus’ “national assembly” of Belarus at the last spring session declined to consider the draft law “On the freedom of conscience and religious organizations”. This draft law was submitted recently from the lower chamber, whose leadership tried to convince the upper house to urgently consider and approve the law, which provoked scandalous negative reaction in the Belarusian society.

Domash Files in Resignation
11:11, 01/07/2002

Head of the public association “Grodnenskaya Initsiativa”, former candidate for the presidency of Belarus Syamon Domash filed in resignation. He said he does not believe in the efficacy and necessity to run for the local authorities post, whereas most of the organization’s members plan to actively engage in the electioneering.

Nikolai Markevich: No Regime Managed to Annihilate Freedom of Speech
11:10, 01/07/2002

Seminar “Freedom of speech in Belarus: yesterday, today, tomorrow”, organized by the closed newspaper “Pagonya”, Swedish PEN-Center (with a support from the “Swedish Institute” and some Swedish medias, took place on June 28-29 in Grodno. The local authorities sought to thwart the seminar, forbidding to hold it at the “Neman” tourist base. So, the organizers had to urgently look for another location.

State Anti-Corruption Program Elaborated
11:09, 01/07/2002

Draft state anti-corruption project, worked out by the law-enforcement ministries, will shortly be submitted for familiarization to the head of state, said in an interview to “Interfax” during his working trip to Gomel deputy prosecutor general of Belarus Mikhail Snegir.

Another Director of “Torgovy Mir Koltso” Marketplace Arrested
11:08, 01/07/2002

Minsk region procuracy sanctioned the arrest of Nikolai Kravchenko, who’s been long time working as deputy director of the car market “Torgovy Mir Koltso” (TMK). The procuracy charges him with tax-evasion, reports the “Belorusskaya Gazeta”. This wasn’t the first criminal lawsuit, instituted against the market’s administration.

Trade Turnover Between Belarus, Russia in Decline
11:03, 01/07/2002

Over the four months of 2002, as compared with the analogous period last year, there took place certain decrease in the trade volume between Russia and Belarus, reported the “Soyuz-info” agency with a reference to the director of the foreign trade department of the Trade Industrial Chamber of Belarus Gennady Cherneiko. According to what he said, the trade turnover constituted 95,5% to the level of the four months last year. However, despite this, “Russia convincingly takes the first place among Belarus’ trade partners.” It stands for 56,7% of the total country’s exterior trade volume.

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