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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97


Lyceum Marks Day of Knowledge
15:02, 01/09/2003, ZUBR


Solidarity Lessons
16:46, 01/09/2003, Igor Svobodin

The new academic year for 141 people in Minsk started differently from other 90thsd pupils countrywide. Students of the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum sat at their desks right in the open street. Three cold summer months turned really hot for the Lyceums students. Their struggle for an opportunity to get educated in their favorite institution deserves being included into the Resistance chapter of the textbook on the Belarus contemporary history.

Lukashenko Lays Out New Charges Against Russia
15:52, 01/09/2003

Alexander Lukashenko disagrees with the Russian leadership concerning a range of problems in the operation of the two states. Today the new Russian leadership is unwilling to follow the direction, worked out over the past 8 or 9 years, proposing instead to replace all our previously reached agreements by launching Russian ruble into circulation in Belarus, said Alexander Lukashenko today during his working trip to the Brest region, when speaking before the residents of David-Gorodok.

Lukashenko Greets His Crony Gaddafi
15:32, 01/09/2003

Alexander Lukashenko forwarded greetings to the head of the Socialist Peoples Libyan Jamahiria colonel Muammar Gaddafi on the occasion of the Revolution Day. According to the presidential press-service, Alexander Lukashenko expressed his satisfaction over the friendship and cooperation ties, existing between Belarus and Libya, as well as shared his determination to keep up active and all-sided cooperation between the two. He also expressed hope in his missive for a soon personal encounter with the president of Libya.

School Turns into Ideology Center
13:36, 01/09/2003

The national school is supposed to serve as an ideology center in the villages. Alexander Lukashenko declared that on September 1 at the opening ceremony of a school-kindergarten in the Kolno village of the Zhitkovichi district of Belarus.

Integration: Now or Never
12:50, 01/09/2003

Given the merger of Russia and Belarus doesnt take place in the near future, it will never happen at all, commented to ABN the Russian Duma committee for politics and entrepreneurships chairman Grigory Tomchin on Alexander Lukashenkos statement that Belarus is still unprepared to launch Russian ruble as its sole legitimate means of payment.

Lukashenko Reinforces States Immune System
12:02, 01/09/2003, Natalya Viktorova, Vremya Novostei

From today on all of the countrys universities will teach ideology lessons. It was recommended not only to the state institutes, but also to the privately-owned ones. In other words, the ideology course is considered mandatory for all. For now they only worked out methodical recommendations, while the textbook will get published in a couple of months.

New Law on Mass Assemblies Comes into Force
11:39, 01/09/2003

On August 29 there entered into legal effect the Law On mass assemblies in the Republic of Belarus. The document was passed by the House of representatives on June 5 and got approved by the Council of the Republic on June 30. The law was elaborated for the implementation of some previous presidential decrees on mass actions. The new law restricts the demands to the organizers of mass events and raises their responsibility for maintaining public order, reports BelaPAN.

Minsk Teachers Learn Their First Ideology Lesson
11:38, 01/09/2003, KP in Belarus

On Thursday Minsk hosted the meeting of the heads of the citys education department, at which there gathered all of the capitals pedagogical elite. Before the start of the meeting, the hall of the Palace of the Republic, where the forum was held, looked more as a huge school corridor, where the children loudly discussed their summer vacations, the new academic year and new subjects. However, now instead of schoolchildren the hall was crammed with adults: teachers and directors. The event was even attended by the Minsk mayor and Minister of education. Soon there rang the bell and the lesson got started. The theme was written on huge screens: Contemporary ideology for capitals education.

Putin, Lukashenko: No Progress in Action
11:32, 01/09/2003, Dmitry Babich, MN foreign department

Something that is taking place between Russia and Belarus completely discredits the very idea of a union state. How else can one interpret the situation, when Putin comes up with proposals, clearly unacceptable for the Belarusian elite, whereas Lukashenko in response disrupts all the intentions of the Russian side?

Justice Ministry Reprimands Social-Democrats
11:30, 01/09/2003

The Ministry of justice passed reprimand against the Belarusian Social-Democratic Party Narodnaya Gromada for having as their legal address an apartment in a bloc of flats, which is banned by the concomitant law.

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