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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97



Jewish leader alarmed at nationality clause in Belarus job applications
16:44, 11/05/2004

The requirement by some government organizations that job applicants indicate their nationality is evidence of "state anti-Semitism" in Belarus, Yakaw Basin, the Belarus director of the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews (UCSJ), told Belapan. Basin said that state agencies that put a nationality clause on their job application forms are violating Article 4 of the law "On National Minorities in the Republic of Belarus" and Article 50 of the constitution which stipulates that no-one may be forced to disclose his/her nationality.

He added that some employers also require applicants to provide information about their close relatives and their nationality. The re-introduction of such application forms is reminiscent of practices of the Stalin and Nazi regimes, Basin said.

(Soviet-era identity papers listed the bearer`s nationality, and Jews found this was often used to discriminate against them in employment and education)

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