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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97



Belarusian Labour Party Liquidated
11:39, 03/08/2004

On August 2 the Supreme Court of Belarus met a claim of the Ministry of Justice and liquidated the Belarusian Labour Party. The Justice Ministry accused the party of systematical violation of the Civil Code of Belarus, the law On Political Parties and their own Statute. In particular, according to the Ministry, the leadership of the party has repeatedly provided incorrect information about its legal address and number of branches to the Justice Ministry. Besides, according to the Justice Ministry, the BLP has violated its own Statute stipulations regarding periodicity of general assemblies. The congresses carried out in March and May of 2004 were found illegitimate by the Justice Ministry, as the delegates allegedly were nominated with violations of party Statute and laws stipulations.

The leadership of the BLP does not agree with these charges. As said by Alyaksandar Bukhvostau, leader of the party, the Ministry had some questions concerning the activities of the party. However, there was an agreement with the Justice Ministry that these shortcomings would be corrected in a short time. We have done everything and informed them. But by that time the Ministry had received another order, to liquidate the party, told the politician to the reporters.

As said by Bukhvostau, after liquidation of the party the authorities are to liquidate the newspaper of the BLP Rabochaya Solidarnost (Workers Solidarity) and would continue to attack the Belarusian Trade Union of radio-electronic industry, motor-car construction, metal-working and other industries (REPAM), which co-chairman Bukhvostau is.

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