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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97


Internal Troops to Fulfil Any Order By Dictator
12:42, 01/02/2005, Sergey Satsuk, "BDG"

The regulations of the law which are applied only after introduction of a martial law or state of emergency, are implemented in Belarus since this week. In order to prevent an orange, cornflower blue or other revolution, at suggestion of the Presidential administration, the Law On Interior Ministry Troops of Belarus has been amended. The soldiers of the internal security troops are used for disbanding demonstrations and other mass protest actions. According to the new regulations the soldiers have a right to use special equipment, military equipment, and weapons by instructions of the president. This norm in fact cancels the notion of a criminal order (unobeyable order), according to which servicepersons can refuse, for instance, to shoot at civilians or knock them down with tanks and armoured troop carriers.


State Business Rejects to Sell "ARCHE" Magazine In Mahilyou
15:00, 01/02/2005

On January 26 the trading enterprise Mahilyoukniha gave back unsold magazines to a voluntary distributor Ales Asiptsou, who was a middleman between this commercial enterprise and the editorial office of the magazine ARCHE. At the same time the direction of the Mahilyoukniha stated that they had terminated the contract with the editorial office unilaterally. By that contract the enterprise had agreed to sell the magazines in Mahilyou book shops, the BAJ informs.

Parties Face Liquidation Threat
14:17, 01/02/2005

On February 1 the term given by the Justice Ministry to the political parties to transfer their branches from offices in living quarters to commercial and industrial premises. Oppositional parties failed to fulfil the demand of the Justice Ministry.

Nomination group of opposition contender in parliamentary repeat election in Grodno receives warning
13:43, 01/02/2005

The nomination group of Yaroslav Romanchuk, deputy leader of the United Civic Party (UCP) planning to run for parliament in a repeat election in Grodno, has received an official warning for what the authorities call premature campaigning.

Conditional Early Release From Punishment Refused to Yuri Bandazheuski
13:40, 01/02/2005

The commission of the labour colony-settlement number 26 by the village of Hezgaly in Dziatlau district, refused to grant a conditional early release to Professor Yuri Bandazheuski (Yury Bandazhevsky). Yuri Bandazheuski had served three thirds of the term, and according to the law he had a possibility to apply for a conditional early release. Professor had not committed any violations of discipline, and his state of health had deteriorated recently. However the commission of the colony did not take into consideration these facts and refused to release him in connection with absence of confession of guilt by Yuri Bandazheuski, and his disagreement to pay off legal coats.

Portraits of Mihail Marinich in Baranavichi
11:32, 01/02/2005

Struggle for Mihail Marinich continues. Hundreds of portraits of the imprisoned politician with slogan "Freedom to Marinich!" have been distributed during the previous week in Baranavichi. Graffiti "Freedom to Marinich!" were made in the center of the city.

New laws from President Lukashenko take Belarus back to the Soviet Union era
11:23, 01/02/2005, "Pravda"

The up-to-date life in Belarus looks like a parody for the "best time" that people used to lead during the era of the USSR. The majority of Soviet citizens were fighting for healthy lifestyles, exemplary relations with work colleagues and moral image of the youth.

European movement supported Mihail Marinich
11:12, 01/02/2005

European movement started the action to support Mihail Marinich, "The politician has been sentenced to five years detention in a medium-security colony and his property has been confiscated. He suffers from a heart condition and should be given urgent medical care. Civil society has no freedom of speech in Belarus . The only way its people can express their opinion and publicise illegal detentions is by distributing leaflets and writing graffiti. The people doing such things are often arrested and imprisoned for months. The European Movement declares its support and solidarity with Mikhail Marynich and will help Mr Marynich`s familiy and friends to gain support from all across Europe," - says statement of the European movement.

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11:23, 01/02/2005


Gays and lesbians web-sites blocked in Belarus
11:20, 01/02/2005, By Mikhail Doroshevich,

National operator Beltelecom owing outer Inrenet channels has blocked access to Russian gays and lesbians web-sites. The requests are blocked at BelPack (Beltelecom branch) network routers.

Alcohol sales in Belarus reported up 2.4 percent last year
11:19, 01/02/2005

January. Sales of alcoholic beverages and beer in Belarus increased by 2.4 percent in 2004 from 8,020,600 dekaliters (dal) to 8,213,900 dal of pure alcohol.

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