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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97


Lukashenka Haven`t Heard Vendors
17:13, 01/03/2005

80% of markets stopped their work in Belarus. 80,000 market vendors refused to pay new, increased value-added tax to the countrys budget. Thousands of vendors all over the country took to the streets with a demand to cancel the extortionate tax. The largest protest actions took place in Minsk and Hrodna, where about 5,000 people gathered on the central squares of each city. According to the organizers, this is the result of the first day of nationwide strike of vendors in Belarus. However, the authorities do not want to listen to traders. The demands of the traders were not heard by anybody. Lukashenka or representatives of his administration have not met with them. Moreover, the participants of the protest were not allowed to come to the presidential administration. Their way was blocked off by riot police.


Mikhail Marynich`s Sons Visit USA
17:17, 01/03/2005

Igor and Pavel Marynich, sons of the Belarusian political prisoner Mikhail Marynich, stay on a visit in Washington, US capital these days. During the meetings they inform American political and public leaders, the press about the situation in Belarus, and about the case of their father, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Belarus, ex-Minister of Foreign Economic Relations Mikhail Marynich, and about the activities of the Council of Civil Initiatives Free Belarus, which part the civil initiative Freedom to Political Prisoners! headed by Igor and Pavel Marynich is.

Striking vendors demonstrate in Grodno, meet with city, regional officials
15:08, 01/03/2005

An estimated 5,000 market vendors gathered on a central square in Grodno to demand that the government exempt them from an 18-percent value-added tax on imports from Russia.

6,000 Protesters Gathered In Center Of Minsk, 5,000 In Hrodna
13:50, 01/03/2005, photo by

About 6 thousand individual entrepreneurs gathered by noon in the October Square of Minsk on March 1. Today they start an infinite strike, demanding to abolish the 18% value-added tax for them. The protest was supported by the markets Zhdanovichy, Dinamo, and by vendors working in the markets of other cities. According to the internet-source Pahonya, a protest rally of about 5,000 people takes place in Hrodna at the moment.

Miastsovy Chas cannot be printed in Pinsk
12:14, 01/03/2005

The state-owned company Pinsk Regional Printers again refused the right of the non-state newspaper Miastsovy Chas (Local Time) to be printed in Pinsk. The editorial office of the newspaper, which has been operating for a second year now, is based in Pinsk. However, it has to print its issues 160 kilometers away in Baranavichy, which leads to additional delivery costs. V.Shust, the former head of the Pinsk Town Executive Committee, issued an order banning the printing of the newspaper in Pinsk. After he left the position, Viktar Yarashuk, the newspaper`s senior editor, and Aliaxandr Prakopau, Director of the Pinsk Regional Printers, agreed that the Miastsovy Chas would be printed in Pinsk. However, after A.Prakopau had been to the Ministry of Information, he refused to do as he`s promised saying he had been advised not to take the job away from the Baranavichy printers.

Closed Printers Director not Allowed to Leave the Country
12:12, 01/03/2005, BAJ

On 25 February the court of the Soviet Borough of Homel ruled that the former director of Iosif and Adzed printers Yulia Marchanka, the daughter of the former candidate for parliament Tatsiana Marchanka, should be denied the opportunity to travel abroad. Yu.Marchanka was fined in the amount of 40 million rubles (unless she pays the fine, she will not be able to travel abroad). On 2 December of the last year, the Court of Chyhunachny Borough of Homel ruled to fine the printers Iosif and Adzed in the amount of 720 thousand rubles and confiscated its equipment. The court hearing had been caused by the company producing a trial batch according to a silk-screening technique. This type of activity was not in the license held by the printers.

Vasil Vauraniuk, Narodnaya Hramada activist, Gets Fired
12:11, 01/03/2005

Vasil Vauraniuk who has spent 24 years working as a customs officer believes he has been punished for his political and civil activity.

Hrodna Traders Leader Sentenced to 15 Days Of Arrest
11:20, 01/03/2005

Deputy head of the public association Perspektyva Dzmitry Ivanouski was sentenced to 15 days of arrest. This ruling was made yesterday by the judge in administrative cases of Lenin district of Hrodna Natallya Kazyol.

Belarus witnesses outbreak of protest
11:18, 01/03/2005, By Alyaksandr Kudrytski, Tnsitions Online

The normally empty area in front of the Belarusian Parliament was unusually active Feb. 10. An angry crowd of market traders had collected around the black statue of Lenin that faces the building, part of a nationwide action that shut down 63 large markets for the day. Small traders took to the streets nationwide, shutting down their stalls to protest the imposition of a new tax that they say could ruin many of the country`s markets, a key element in the national economy. It was the second time in a year that thousands of traders rallied against tighter state control over their affairs.

Rights defenders want Russia to probe disappearances of Lukashenkos opponents
11:17, 01/03/2005

Russian human rights defenders intend to look into the legal possibility of opening criminal cases in Russia in connection with the disappearance of four opponents of Aleksandr Lukashenkos regime in 1999-2000, Tatyana Protko, head of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC), told BelaPAN.

Supreme Court judge rejects Skrebets appeal against ballot access denial
11:15, 01/03/2005

Belarus Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal filed by former dissident lawmaker Sergei Skrebets against ballot access denial.

Date of OSCE-sponsored workshop not set yet
11:13, 01/03/2005

Belarusian lawmakers are expected to propose before March 15 a date for a workshop involving representatives of the OSCE, government and opposition, Oliver Meier, spokesman for the head of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Working Group on Belarus, told BelaPAN.

On March 1 Termless Strike of Market Vendors Starts
11:06, 01/03/2005

A nationwide strike of market vendors with termination of all taxes payments starts today in Belarus. Self-employed entrepreneurs of Belarus protest against the new procedure of collecting value-added tax in mutual trade of Russia and Belarus, and demand to cancel the agreement with Moscow. As the BelaPAN was told by deputy head of the public association Perspektiva Alyaksandr Lapatko, 80,000 entrepreneurs have not paid VAT for March 1. Yesterday, on February 28, there was the last term of paying the VAT. So we could say that 80,000 entrepreneurs are already taking part in the strike, told Lapatko. As said by him, the organizers of the protest expect that the overwhelming part of the markets of the country would stop their work. The vendors are also planning to come out to the October Square of Minsk at noon. According to organizers of the protest, about 50,000 entrepreneurs are to take to the streets of Minsk. They are going to hand in an appeal to Alyaksandr Lukashenka with a demand to abolish the VAT in trade with Russia. The leaders of the entrepreneurs state that if the authorities would not meet halfway, political demands government and A. Lukashenkas resignation - would be added to the economical ones.

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View from Minsk
15:27, 01/03/2005, By Simon Buss, Architectural Review


Minsk City Court to hear appeal against medical examination of murdered journalists son on March 4
15:09, 01/03/2005

A hearing is to be held in the Minsk City Court on March 4 in connection with a complaint about the order for a clinical psychiatric examination on Anton Filimonov, the son of journalist Veronika Cherkasova who was brutally murdered in her apartment on October 20, 2004.

Minsk train station evacuated on false bomb threat
11:13, 01/03/2005

Police in Minsk have instituted criminal proceedings in connection with a false bomb threat that forced the evacuation of the citys central train station.

Key figures plead guilty in child porn case
11:11, 01/03/2005, By Jeffrey Gold, Associated Press

Two leaders of a Belarus company admitted Monday that it processed $2.5 million to $7 million in membership fees that gave subscribers around the world access to child pornography Web sites. The guilty pleas from Regpay Co. Ltd. president Yahor Zalatarou and technical administrator Aliaksandr Boika are the latest developments in a global investigation that has led to more than 1,200 arrests.

Natalya Podolskaya of Belarus to represent Russia at Eurovision
11:08, 01/03/2005

Natalya Podolskaya of Belarus was chosen on February 25 to represent Russia in this years Eurovision song contest.

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