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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97



Victims of Stalin Repressions Honoured in Cherven
11:53, 27/06/2005

On June 26, 1941 at the outskirts of the town in the natural landmark Tsagelnya, prisoners of Cherven transit prison were shot: Belarusians, Poles, Lithuanians and others. Mournful ceremony has a name Igumen Route and was organized for the 16th time this summer. In 1989 it has been discovered that the town of Cherven (previously known as Igumen) was similar to Kurapaty, as thousands of political prisoners were buried around it.

Nobody knows how many people have been shot in the yard of former Cherven transit prison and under its vaulting, and how many bones of the victims are buried here.

Last years Cherven dwellers are simply afraid to come to Igumen Route, as representatives of local executive committee, police and KGB are surveilling the participants. Moreover, many young citizens are not aware of the executions and mass burial places around Cherven.

Delegates of Lithuanian Union of Repressions Victims, and representatives of Lithuanian Embassy, have traditionally taken part in the ceremony.

Past years a representative of Polish Embassy on relations with public associations, Marek Bucko, has been taking part in the ceremony. But this year he has become unwelcome for official Minsk. Any way, for the first time in many years no representatives of Poland were taking part in Igumen Route.

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