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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97


Fate of Repressed Belarusians in the focus of attention of European Parliament
15:18, 01/07/2005, photo by

Emergence of new political prisoners in Belarus causes concern of the European parliament’s deputies. “Belarus borders on the European Union, and it is paradoxical that such situation takes place in the center of Europe,” told vice –chairman of the European Parliament Janusz Onyszkiewicz at a press conference in Minsk. He was referring to the trials over opposition leaders Mikola Statkevich, Paval Sevyarynets and Andrei Klimov, sentenced for several years of forcible corrective labour for organizing protest rallies, and arrest of the former leader of the “Respublika” group Syarhei Skrabets. The MP of the European parliament also expressed concern over disappearances of political opponents of Lukashenka in Belarus. “We still do not know what had happened to the people who disappeared relatively long ago in Belarus. This question must be elucidated indisputably. We are very concerned over the tendency of the situation’s development in Belarus,” Janusz Onyszkiewicz said.


Syarhei Skrabets Remains in Prison
17:14, 01/07/2005

The measure of restraint for political prisoner Syarhei Skrabets remains the same – imprisonment. This decision was delivered by the court of Tsentralny district of Minsk. The lawyer of Syarhei Skrabets was not present at the trial. Relatives and journalists were not allowed to attend the sitting of the court. The verdict was passed by Judge Alena Illina (Elena Ilyina) in presence of one prosecutor only. The reason for such decision is still unknown.

Mikhail Marynich’s Son Refused Meeting With Father
16:28, 01/07/2005

Belarusian political prisoner Mikhail Marynich is hospitalized to Republican prison hospital. He was placed there because of a sudden worsening of eyesight. On July 1 the son of the political prisoner, leader of the civil initiative “Freedom to political prisoners”, member of the “Free Belarus”, Pavel Marynich, petitioned the director of Minsk colony Yauhen Los and asked him to grant extra meeting with his father in connection with father’s illness, but he was not allowed. Lawyer of Mikhail Marynich can meet his client only next week.

Irina Krasovskaya Met With Chairman in Office of the OSCE
15:41, 01/07/2005

On June 30th in Washington DC Irina Krasovskaya, President of “We Remember” Foundation, member of the Council of Civil initiatives “Free Belarus” met with the Chairman in Office of the OSCE, Foreign Minister of Slovenia Dimitri Ruppel. Irina Krasovskaya represented the many voices which constitute the Belarus opposition and the hope for a free and European Belarus. This meeting was attended by senior officials of the United States, Ambassadors to the OSCE and leaders from American media. Ms. Krasovskaya forcibly appealed to the OSCE Chairman for his support in the freeing of political prisoners in Belarus and for justice in the search for those responsible for the murders of Belarus opposition leaders, Yuri Zakharanka, Viktar Hanchar and Anatol Krasouski, and a prominent journalist Zmitser Zavadsky.

Political Prisoner Alyaksandr Vasilyeu Placed to Minsk Colony
13:34, 01/07/2005

On June 20 Belarusian political prisoner, one of the leaders of the All-National Strike Committee of Vendors, member of the “Free Belarus” Alyaksandr Vasilyeu was transferred from republican hospital for prisoners to colony number 1 of Minsk. Now the political prisoner has isolation period, and in a week he is to join other prisoners, press service of the strike committee of vendors informs.

Democratic forces upheld Mikola Statkievich
12:22, 01/07/2005

The next sitting of the Permanent Democratic Assembly (PDA) that unites the leading democratic organizations of Belarus took place June 30, in Minsk, chaired by leader of the Belarusian Social-Democratic Party (Narodnaya Gramada) Mikola Statkievich.

Belarusian powers not to start dialogue with PA OSCE
12:22, 01/07/2005

The Belarusian powers “do not start dialogue” with the OSCE, as the head of the Working Group on Belarus of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (PA OSCE), Bundestag Deputy Utta Zapf said commenting on the situation with the mutual seminars organization.

Minsk Prosecutor’s Office Does Not Answer Zmitser Zavadsky’s Relatives
12:07, 01/07/2005

A well-known lawyer and human rights activist Harry Pahanyajla (Harry Pogonyaylo) filed a request to city prosecutor’s office of Minsk about the actions of investigators in the case of Zmitser Zavadsky, ORT cameraman’s disappearance. According to the recent information from the prosecutor’s office, this case has been reopened, but the lawyer doubts the actuality of the investigation, which lasts for almost five years, Radio Svaboda informs.

Historian Gienadz Saganovich was dismissed from Academy of Sciences
11:31, 01/07/2005

June 30, the scientific council of the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences excided the well-known researcher of the Belarusian Middle Ages, author of numerous books dedicated to the Great Princedom of Lithuania and Moscow Power, editor of the independent magazine “Belarusian historical overlook” Gienadz Saganovich. Previously he was discharged from his position.

Immune to provocations
11:26, 01/07/2005, UCP press-room

On June 28, in Rechitsa representatives of democratic forces held a regional conference on nominating candidates to the National Congress. The organizers had several scenarios of the event planned. However, this did not save the participants from provocations organized by the administration. Shortly after the meeting started, militia and KGB representatives showed up and started threatening the participants with possible detention. Participants of the meeting did not react on that, moreover the representatives of state agencies could not provide any legal grounds for intrusion into the private territory.

Lets face the future together
11:25, 01/07/2005, UCP press-room

This was the motto of Belgrade conference of youth organization of European Popular Party. The event took place on June 23-26 and gathered the representatives of 36 organizations from 29 countries. Agenda concerned the processes of development and strengthening of cooperation between Balkan countries, cooperation with the EU, transition period in Balkan countries. Forum adopted several resolutions, including the Resolution On Belarusian Crisis.

Helsinki Commissioners welcome opening of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
11:25, 01/07/2005

Commissioners of the U.S. Helsinki Commission today welcomed the opening of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe`s (OSCE) 14th Annual Parliamentary Assembly, a gathering of parliamentarians from the 55 participating States in the Helsinki Process.

Mikhail Marynich Transferred to Prison Hospital Again
11:23, 01/07/2005

Belarusian political prisoner, former minister of foreign economic relations, extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Belarus Mikhail Marynich was transferred to Republican prison hospital from Minsk colony UZh 15/1. The press center of the Charter’97 was informed about it by the son of the political prisoner, leader of the civil initiative “Freedom to political prisoners!”, member of the “Free Belarus” Pavel Marynich. As said by Pavel Marynich, his father has problems with his eyes. “To all appearances they are serious ones; otherwise he would not have been transferred to a hospital. Today I would try to get to him,” Pavel Marynich told.

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11:28, 01/07/2005, By Amanda Lingerfelt, Rocky Mount Telegram


Siemens delivers Wimax to Belarus state mobile operator
11:27, 01/07/2005, By Leigh Phillips, DMeurope

Siemens Communications and Belarusian state mobile operator Best have signed a memorandum of understanding for the delivery of the Wimax communications solution.

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