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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97



Azeri conference discusses democratization of post-Soviet area
17:09, 19/09/2005

"Our conference is dedicated to issues of democratization in the post-Soviet area following the events in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan," the leader of the [the Azerbaijani opposition] Musavat Party, Isa Qambar, said today in his address to the international conference called "Azerbaijan and Belarus at the second stage of democratization".

Qambar spoke about the negative role of the Azerbaijani authorities which have taken measures to thwart the conference. He cited the deportation of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry adviser [and member of the Pora Party], Serhiy Yevtushenko, from Baku as one of these measures.
Addressing the conference, Ukrainian MP Mykola Katerynchuk spoke about Ukraine`s "Orange Revolution" and described these events as a peaceful transition to democracy. To implement this [revolution], there is a need for a charismatic leader, an organized youth organization, serious international support and active involvement of the people.

In his speech, a member of the BPR-Revival Party`s board [unofficially known as the Belarusian People`s Front], Ihor Lyalkow, spoke about the Russian factor. This factor hampers the development of democracy in Belarus. He said that the EU and the West as a whole are not very active in strengthening democratic forces in Belarus. He said that the West had sacrificed Belarus for maintaining good relations with Russia. He said that the USA has a negative image in Belarus and is not even trying to change it.

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