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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97



City court supported citizen Lukashenko
11:39, 19/09/2005, UCP press-room

On September, 15 Minsk city court was ruled out to refuse to initiate proceedings on returning previous names to central Minsk streets.

After central Minsk streets have been renamed, a group of Minsk residents UCP members lodged a complaint to the Minsk Central Regional Court against activities of citizen Lukashenko. This citizen issued an edict on re-naming of Minsk streets, which violated the Law on administrative division. By this Law the head of state can give names only to oblasts, regions and oblast cities. Thus Lukashenko has no right to re-name any street in his own village, or in Shklow, and definitely not in Minsk.

Streets can be renamed only by Local Councils. And, according to the Law, such decision must be adopted taking into the consideration opinion of people living in that territory.

So citizen Lukahsenko exceeded his powers.

But regional court did not make any decision on Lukashenkos activity. The Court dismissed the case on the reason that it had no power to judge Lukashenkos edicts.

Anatolij Lebedko, Valerij Karbalevich and Vadim Kaznachejev submitted an appeal to the City Court. Today the Court bench headed by judge S.Taperkina decided to dismiss the complaint. With no motivation.

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