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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97



Iryna Halip: “Choosing the Colour and Symbol of Future Revolution Is One of the Year’s Events”
17:50, 16/12/2005

What event in 2005 is the most important for you? What do you expect from the new year? These questions by the Radio Svaboda are answered by the deputy editor-in-chief of the “BDG. Delovaya Gazeta”, this year’s laureate of the award “Brave Heart” by the “Time” magazine, Iryna Khalip.

“The most important event of the year 2005 for me is not some political event, but rather changes in the conscience of many citizens. Firstly, it’s a beginning of the campaign of Solidarity, I mean the actions held every 16th day of every month. And certainly, it is choosing a colour and symbol of the future revolution. I mean “jeans resistance”, which has become a well-known brand already, and “jeans revolution”, which I hope would take place here next year,” Iryna Khalip said.

- And what about the worst event of the year?

- I think that life in Belarus for the last eleven years is one worst experience. That is why I am trying every time to note some positive events that can cause optimism.

- What are your hopes for the next year? Your forecast for the year 2006?

- I am expecting only the best, as I feel absolutely done in, and simply cannot wait for something even worse. I think that it will be the year of changes, a year of our freedom, a year when Belarus would become a democratic country again.

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