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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97



Statement of the Zubr Movement: Stop Provocations!
16:52, 26/12/2005

On December 23 in Homel during an illegal detention by the unknown people in mufti, an activist of the Zubr resistance movement Pavel Madzhara and his friend Alyaksandr Marozau were planted packs with illicit drugs. Right after that during a house-search in the private apartments of the young people police seized independent newspapers and other printed materials, flags. A criminal case relating violation of the Article 328 of the Criminal Code (illicit drug trafficking) has been initiated against Pavel Madzhara and Alyaksadnr Marozau.

It is worth mentioning that such provocations have been used earlier by Kuchma secret services against the Civil campaign Pora. Models of explosive devices were planted to their offices. The secret services of Yugoslavia used the same methods against the movement OTPOR! activists. In the both cases such methods had not saved the regimes, which resorted to such methods against their own citizens, and the persons giving criminal orders and instructions, as well as actual perpetrator of crimes, had been prosecuted and convicted.

Zubr addresses the law-enforcing agencies of the country with the demand to stop similar provocations, not taking their cue from persons who had opted for illegal seizure of power in the country, and are ready to return the country to the year 1937.

We inform everybody who are instigated to illegal actions against Belarusian citizens, activists of the democratic movement of Belarus by the regime, that with the overthrow of the regime all these facts would be investigated. We know the names of the perpetrators, the consequences and details of this and other provocations. All the collected facts are to be submitted to investigatory agencies later, and the independent court is to judge these actions and those who are involved.

The Zubr movement

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