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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97



Grandiose celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the European Union are to be held in Europe 25 March
09:43, 28/02/2007

The program of celebration of the 50th anniversary of signing the Roman treaty, which became the basis for foundation of the European Union, was submitted to the ministry for foreign affairs of Belgium in Brussels. The official celebration with participation of heads of the member states of the European Union are to be held in Berlin, capital city of Germany, which is presently presiding in the European Union 25 March 2007.Meanwile, simultaneously, the celebrations are to be held in Rome where the Treaty on the European Unities was signed and in Brussels where headquarters of the major EU institutions and organizations are situated. As the Charter’97 press-center has been informed, the possibility of a direct TV bridge between Minsk and Berlin on 25 March with participation of the European countries’ leaders and Belarusian policymakers is under consideration at the headquarters of Alyaksandr Milinkevich.

The celebration in Brussels is going to take place 24 March, the day before those in Berlin. That day to the Northeast of the Heisel exhibition complex at the esplanade in front of the famous Atomium installation a three-hours musical concert with participation of the most popular European pop-and rock-stars is to take place.

The site for the concert was chosen not by chance: the Brussels’ Atomium, a 102 meters high installation, weighing 2400 tons, shaped as the molecule of iron, increased 165 billion times, is the most well-known symbol of Belgium. It was erected in 1958 on occasion of the World Exhibition in Brussels a year after signing the Roman treaty.

As the organizers of the event reported, Helmut Lotti (Belgium), Calojero (France), Zukkero (Italy), Julio Eglesias (Spain) as well as the Simply Red (Britain), the Scorpions (Germany) and the “Lordy”, “Eurovision-2006” prizewinner from Finland confirmed their participation in the concert.

The same day the concert of classical music is to be held in the largest concert hall “Palace de Beaux Art” as well as the symposium in the King’s palace on the “ Importance of the European Integration” topic, which is going to be attended by the high-rank EU officials, European policymakers, among these are King of Belgium Albert II, head of the European Parliament Hans –Hert Pottering and president of Latvia Vaire Vike-Freiberga.

Program of the Belgian celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the European Union is envisaged for several months. Many other cultural and social events are also on the program, among those are exhibitions “Brussels is the capital of Europe”, “Leonardo da Vinci is the European Genius”, musical festival "Jazz in Europe”, festival of European circuses, book exhibition and others. The largest in Europe cultural festival “Europalia” is also to be dedicated to the European theme .The festival is going to start in Brussels 7 October 2007 under the motto ”Europalia-Europe”.

The Roman treaty was concluded between the FRG, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg 25 March 1957. It became the basis for the European Economic Community (EEC) and the European Unity on atomic power foundation.

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