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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97


Meeting of Russia and Belarus “unity” had 10 participants (Photo)
16:53, 02/04/2007


Russia makes meat import arrangements more severe
18:28, 02/04/2007

“A decision has been adopted to allow deliveries of meat and meat foods to Russia only from Belarusian enterprises certified by Russian vet experts” told Sergei Dankvert, a representative of the Federal Agency for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision to Interfax.

Chavez and Lukashenka to Establish Investment Fund
18:19, 02/04/2007

President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez initiated the work on establishment of bi-lateral investment fund with Belarus. He declared that in the course of his talks with the State Secretary of the Security Council of the country Viktar Sheiman, the BELTA reports.

Belarus Reduced Oil Products Export
18:18, 02/04/2007

The volume of Belarusian oil products export in January-February 2007 decreased by 32.8% as compared to the same period of 2006 and totaled USD 720 million, the BelaPAN was informed at the ministry for statistics and analysis. Meanwhile, the material volume of oil products export decreased by 29.8% and comprised 1.8 million tons.

Young Activist Arrested for 7 Days
16:52, 02/04/2007

On April 2 a court of Leninski district of Minsk considered a case of Anton Ustsimchuk. Anton was preventively detained on March 24 and placed to a remand prison for two days.

Vitebsky Currier to Be Issued
16:14, 02/04/2007

Independent mass media in Belarus have to overcome a lot of difficulties on their way to the reader .On Tuesday a regular issue of the “ Vitebsky Currier” newspaper was not published. The regional publishing house refused publishing for the reason of indebtedness. Polatsk and Orsha publishing houses of the region also refused publishing the newspaper.

Elisabeth Schroedter: “We Shouldn’t Contact with Dictator’s Government and Pocket Parliament”
15:59, 02/04/2007

A delegation of the parliament of the federal state Brandenburg was in Belarus on a working visit on March 28-31. The delegation included the president of the federal state Brandenburg Guenter Fritsch, a chairman of SPD faction (the Social Democratic Party of Germany) in Brandenburg landtag Guenter Baaske, and a chairman of the left faction (the Left Party. PDS) Kerstin Kaiser.

OSCE media watchdog criticizes Belarus` Media Law
14:45, 02/04/2007

Miklos Haraszti, the OSCE`s representative on freedom of the media, has criticized Belarus` Media Law in his report on print media registration practices, BelaPAN reported.

Shenderovich’s Daughter Released
14:32, 02/04/2007

Krystsina Shatsikava, Valentina Chubarova, Viktor Shenderovich’s daughter, and a human rights activist Andrei Kim who were detained on April 1 in Minsk, are released without a report being drawn up, the BelaPAN is informed by K. Shatsikava.

The land where Humpty Dumpty meets Stalin
14:12, 02/04/2007, Tom Stoppard, «The Times»

What does this remind you of? “X was charged under Article 339, part 2, with hooliganism, and with the organisation of group activities (Article 342, part 1), and was sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment.” The clue is the combination of the oddly unlegalistic “hooliganism” and the catch-all unmeaning of “group activities” punctiliously proscribed under article-this and article-that. Remember it now? This was the language of Soviet-style justice in the USSR and wherever ran the Kremlin’s writ in Eastern Europe.

Kanaplyou: “We are not going to impose ourselves to Council of Europe”
13:59, 02/04/2007

Belarus preserves chances to resume its status of a special guest in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, but is wouldn’t impose oneself to this organization, told the chairman of the “chamber of representatives” of the “national assembly” of Belarus Uladzimir Kanaplyou to journalists.

Authorities Felt Concern about «Development» of Civil Society
13:20, 02/04/2007

Council for interaction of the local self-government bodies at the “so-called” Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus has been established. According to the Interfax correspondent, at the 7th sitting of the Council of the Republic which was opened in Minsk on Monday members of the Council of the Republic unanimously adopted the resolution on establishment of the Council for interaction of the local self-government bodies and approved its regulation.

BPF Party: Let’s Concentrate on Spring Actions
13:16, 02/04/2007

On March 30 a political situation in the country and carrying out of coalition talks were discussed. The preparation and realization of Freedom Day on March 25 in Minsk have received appreciation. Even the authorities had to recognize that day as an independence holiday indirectly. The experience of March 25 has shown that there is a potential of protest in the society. In the nearest spring weeks the attention of the Belarusian Popular Front party would be concentrated on the “Path of Chernobyl” (“Charnobylski Shliakh”) in Minsk and in regions.

Another Criminal Action against Andrei Klimau
12:40, 02/04/2007

The prosecutor’s office has initiated a criminal action against a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation, a former entrepreneur Andrei Klimau for libel against Alyaksandr Lukashenka. The reason for the criminal action was an article by Andrei Klimau placed at the web site of the United Civil Party “Revolution forever, or How to Skin Romany boar in Year of Pig”. In the article Andrei Klimau wrote about personal involvement of Alyaksandr Lukashenka to abductions and assassinations of Belarusian oppositionists.

Mahilyou Human Rights Activists Evicted
12:01, 02/04/2007

Mahilyou human rights center and a local branch of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee have received a message with a proposal to cancel a rental contract. The demand of the property department of Mahilyou city executive committee is motivated by the fact that the organization had violated the conditions of the rent. According to the message, a subtenant of the office, a charitable public association “Vodhuk” occupies the premises without a decision of the property department and housing department No.20.

Zmitser Dashkevich Transferred to Wood-Sawing Area
11:28, 02/04/2007

A political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich has been transferred to another party of prisoners and sent to work in timber-sawing area. The parents of the activist have been informed about that from his last letters. His mother, Volha Dashkevich, is worried about the state of health of her son, as doctors had prohibited him work under arduous labour conditions. The activist’s father Vyachaslau Dashkevich turns attention to the fact who had initiated his son’s transfer to another party.

Andrei Sannikov: Energy cooperation of Belarus with Europe broken down due to repressions against opposition • 14:59, 25/09/2007
President of PACE: «Dialog with Belarus is impossible without discharge of political prisoners» • 12:32, 25/09/2007
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First steps must be taken by Belarusian authorities • 12:09, 21/09/2007
Official Minsk against Nuclear Weapons • 19:08, 20/09/2007
Georgia supporting Belarus in its “battle” with Russia • 13:58, 20/09/2007
Well-known public figures of Belarus insisting on dialogue • 19:15, 19/09/2007
Hundreds of Belarusians pay a last tribute to crew members of IL-76 aircraft (Photo)
18:18, 02/04/2007


Photo Report: Perished in Somali Pilots Brought Back to Homeland
16:18, 02/04/2007

30 March the AN-12 board carrying bodies of the perished Belarusian pilots from Somali and evacuating 10 technical specialists of the “Transaviaexport” airlines landed at the “Minsk” National Airport. The flight from the Arab Emirates took nine hours. The Nasha Niva suggests the photo report from the airport.

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