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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97


Belarusian Democrats at Brussels Forum
14:00, 02/05/2007


Mass Interrogations of Young Front Members in Saligorsk
18:34, 02/05/2007

The KGB brings another lawsuit against the Young Front. This morning in Saligorsk the KGB staff members took two youth activists Rigor Astapenka and Syargei Tkachuk from school to the local department for interrogation. Other two activists Maksim Gamitsevich and Zmitzer Yafimovich received subpoenas for the interrogations. These lawsuits were brought by captain of the regional KGB Zmitser Svistun who in majority of cases personally interrogated the youth activists and made decisions on bringing criminal lawsuits. It is the same person who ordered to detain the Young Front members and keep them in the isolation ward in February this year.

Courts refuse to Hear Political Lawsuits
18:33, 02/05/2007

According to the unofficial information Judge of the Soviet district Court of Minsk Alyaksei Tamanau refused to judge the criminal lawsuit against 5 activists of the Young Front organization because of the state of health of the judge.

Belarus speaks for non-discriminatory access to nuclear power benefits
17:50, 02/05/2007

Using various means, the international community should promote the establishment of an equal, non-discriminatory access of all interested countries to benefits of nuclear power, the press service of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry quoted Belarus Permanent Representative to International Organisations in Vienna Alexander Sychev as saying at a plenary session of the first session of the Preparatory Committee for the Review Conference of the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Parfenovich and Sinitsin for Belarus Joining Russia
17:31, 02/05/2007

Co-chairman of the Russian-Belarusian Fund Social and Economic Partnership Leanid Sinitsin and former deputy of the House of Representatives of the IInd Convening Uladzimir Parfenovich prepared the Minsk Manifesto of the BelarusianRussian Unity.

Sergei Martynov does not rule out possibility of supplying Caspian oil to Belarus oil refineries
17:18, 02/05/2007

Belarus believes it promising to participate in the Odessa-Brody project, Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov told BelTA.

Presidents of Belarus, Azerbaijan sign cooperation agreement
17:18, 02/05/2007

Today, in Baku (Azerbaijan), the Presidents of Belarus and Azerbaijan have signed an agreement on friendship and cooperation.

Actions For Independent Belarus! to be held all over the country in May
16:13, 02/05/2007

The ministry of culture of Belarus envisages continuing the action For Independent Belarus in the regions in May 2007. 19-29 May the action is to be held in the Grodna region, 25-26 May in the Vitsebsk region, 27 Mayin the Minsk region. This was reported at the press conference in Minsk by deputy ministry of culture Valery Gedroits 27 April.

Belarusian Authorities to start Fighting against Satellite Dishes
16:13, 02/05/2007

That was published in the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza. The Polish newspaper associates these actions of the authorities with the envisaged independent TV channel broadcasting for Belarus from the territory of Poland.

The Left Parties conducted Meeting in Bangalor
16:12, 02/05/2007

1 May the Party of Communists Belarusian, Belarusian Socio-democratic Party (Gramada) and democratic trade unions conducted the meeting in the park of Peoples Friendship in Bangalor Square. The meeting participants adopted the resolution.

EU will not review Belarus trade sanctions in exchange for opening of European Commission`s office in Minsk
14:12, 02/05/2007

The European Union does not plan to withdraw planned trade sanctions targeting Belarus in exchange for its decision to let the European Commission open its office in Minsk, the Belgian-based EUobserver reported with reference to an unnamed EU diplomat.

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Belarus needs licensed Ukrainian caramel
18:00, 02/05/2007


Foodstuffs to be removed from markets, arent they • 18:28, 30/07/2007
Students to be taught to love their home country • 16:14, 25/07/2007
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Kidnapped Belarusian woman freed in Nigeria • 13:40, 17/05/2007
Belarusian entry makes Eurovision final • 15:29, 11/05/2007

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