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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97



Can banks help?
14:55, 02/08/2007

The Belgazprombank is going to raise around USD 500 million for repaying the debt for the gas delivered to Belarus in the first half of the year, it was reported by chairman of the management board of the Belgazprombank Viktar Babaryka at the press-conference yesterday.

Raising of USD 500 million for the Beltransgaz is possible and a corresponding offer has been made, the chairman of the management board said. According to him, now the potential organizers of the syndicated loan have already been determined .Meanwhile, he stressed that for the syndication to be organized the borrowers agreement is required. That should be a mutual agreement, he remarked.
According to him, there are several possible options for settling the outstanding payments problem; the Belarusian party may pay the debt out of its funds, it may borrow the money form the Russian party or from the outside.
The National Bank of Belarus has also expressed its intention to convert the funds nominated in Belarusian rubles.
Russian experts remark that despite of the fact that the resources for making the gas payments are available in Belarus , after paying the debt to the Russian gas monopoly the government will have no money for supporting the subsidy-based Belarusian economic model and that may considerably deteriorate the seeming social wellbeing and the authority of the countrys leadership.

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