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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97



Maneuvers on the way to Moscow
12:23, 06/08/2007

Two aircrafts of the Armed Forces of Belarus made a training landing at the Brest-Moscow international motorway. According to the Interfax, the MiG-29 and SU-27 fighters made a landing practice on the motorway.

After landing the aircrafts were served and took off. Their landing was protected by two SU-24 low flying attack aircrafts.
Defense minister of Belarus General Colonel Leanid Maltsau declared that by such maneuvers we continue our work on developing the theatre of military operations.
Such maneuvers are to be continued and the developed landing areas of the motorway are to be increased, Maltsau said.
He also remarked that not only the military aircrafts were attracted for landing operations but also road workers, departments for internal affairs and local authorities.
The heavy aircrafts were landing and the motorway cover didnt break thus making a good advertisement for the Belarusian road builders, the minister declared.

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